ICO Launch Malta Provides Turnkey Solution for Starting an ICO in Europe

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ICO Launch Malta Provides Turnkey Solution for Starting an ICO in Europe
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An ICO platform is delivering a full token sale support, including complete technical assistance, marketing, legal, banking, and PR services.

Malta is steadily emerging as the global center for cryptocurrency businesses. Due to favorable regulation, government support and attractive tax regime the country continues to attract some of the world’s major crypto projects. This steady influx of investment and human capital has made malta the de facto crypto-capital of Malta, spawning several service companies devoted to bringing budding blockchain projects to fruition.

ICO Launch Malta is a full stack ICO platform providing full legal, technical and marketing  support to assist upcoming utility and security ICOs with bringing their tokensale to market.Launched in Malta in 2017, the company can already boast a broad customer portfolio of over thirty  successful STOs and ICOs.

“We are the only company  to offer turnkey ICO solutions in Malta or Gibraltar which will take your project from company formation through to exchange listing. Our ICO Platform is capable of deploying both utility and security tokens in a fully compliant manner, and features inbuilt bank level KYC and AML protocols” the company says.

While Malta is known for its clear ICO regulatory framework, there are several regulatory factors that need to be considered prior to running a tokensale. ICO Launch Malta’s legal team provides a full legal package to help clients prepare all legal documents, including a white paper compliant with Malta’s Virtual Financial Assets act, private placement or SAFT agreement, risk of token sale document, privacy policy, token sale agreement, and a legal opinion on the nature of the offering.

With the rapid growth of the ICO market, it’s crucial for startups to build a proper marketing strategy. However, many standard promotion methods applied in other markets can bring no results, as ICO projects are limited by time frames.

The company offers a performance driven approach, combining SEO, social media, PR, influencer marketing, telegram, PPC, and email marketing. Unlike other PR agencies, ICO Malta’s Marketing service will use its own data pool generated from more than 30 token offerings.

To help build confidence towards ICO projects, the platform will leverage its network of BitcoinTalk forum members and a group of leading influencers on Reddit. Moreover, the company ensures their clients are promoted on ICO-related telegram groups and featured on major crypto news websites, such as Forbes, Huffington post, and Entrepreneur.

Besides, the team has developed a wide portfolio of security token protocols, which provide a wide range of benefits to its founders, like an access to institutional capital, new marketing opportunities, and cost efficiency.

They include security tokens that are subject to post-ICO transfer restrictions and are linked to addresses on a central whitelist only (a cryptographic register of shareholders). With dividend tokens, the holders are getting payouts in the amount that is relative to the number of tokens they own. The payments are either in ETH or the company’s native coins. Another kind of tokens is a non-fungible security that is linked to specific physical assets such as gold (a cryptographic safe keeping receipt). Using cryptographic technology, these tokens ensure the ownership of these assets.

Before ICOs became popular as a new funding type, it was almost impossible for startups to attract overseas investors, while many funds and institutions were unable to take part in ICOs due to unclear regulation. With security ICOs, small companies can raise significant amount of funds from international VCs, facilitating the entry of traditional capital into the blockchain industry.

If compared to the issuance of a regulated security, STOs can benefit from new marketing tools, including affiliate programs and online advertising networks. Another advantage of STOs over traditional investment is that founders have full control over their business, what prevents token owners from influencing the company’s processes. Moreover, token issuers don’t have to surrender voting rights or board seats and can sell dividend or share of profit tokens, thus strengthening their control over the company.

According to the ICO Launch Malta, there has been a growing demand for the development of security token offerings, as ICOs and the tokenization of assets become more widespread today. Security token offerings are an effective and low-cost way of raising capital, with this sector projected to develop into a $10 trillion sector within the next two years.

“ICO Launch Malta believes in building enduring professional relationships with our clients. We are cognisant of the fact that every token offering is a unique event and requires a tailor-made solution, be it a startup looking to raise funding for a new project, or an established corporation looking to tokenise their services or assets,” ICO Launch Malta says.

“Our in-house team of blockchain and full stack developers will offer a pragmatic and secure implementation of your ICO vision, whist our marketing team will create a strong narrative to maximise your raise.”

On November 1-2, 2018, the company will participate in The Malta Blockchain Summit, one of the biggest crypto events of 2018 in Europe. A key part of the event is the “ICO Pitch Competition,” where winners will be able to win money and launch their projects on the ICO Launch Malta platform.

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