This Ingenious ICO Marketing Strategy Will Boost Your ICO Sales

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This Ingenious ICO Marketing Strategy Will Boost Your ICO Sales
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Check out some ingenious ICO marketing strategies that have all chances to skyrocket your sales instantly.

Lets be very clear and straightforward in our thought process. Traditional ICO marketing techniques are not going to work out anymore. Its the sad truth. You need a clever and stealth ICO marketing Strategy to sell your offering in the coming days.

The strategy needs to be combined with a clear execution. In this post, we will be revealing some aggressive ICO marketing strategies that can actually skyrocket your sales instantly. Please take 5 mins and read through the entire article to understand the overall plan.

Get Entrepreneurs to Sell Your ICO

Yes, you read that right. Did you know? There are millions of wanna-be entrepreneurs, searching every day for Open Source Projects online. Their intention is to download an interesting Open source code and start an online business. If you use this opportunity properly > You can get all these Entrepreneurs selling your ICO. But How?

Simple. Develop a small application. Integrate your coin/token as the default coin powering the entire concept. Write a good documentation on how to set up this Script. Distribute it for Free. You will start seeing the magic happen in 24 hours.

Sounds difficult? Not really. You may check out this service that specifically helps you with this unique ICO Marketing Strategy.

The above technique not only gets your coins moving, it starts creating a real value for your token/coin in people’s mind. Because in the above strategy, you are not selling your token. But instead, you are helping people to achieve something and the mode of payment is going to be your token. This will show your coin getting transacted in volumes on sites like Blockchain info, Ether Scan etc.

Optimal Pricing for the FOMO Investors

*FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

Thanks to the constant growing craze of Crypto, there is a flood of first-time investors every day. You need to understand the mindset of these newbie Cryptocurrency investors, to sell your ICO in huge masses. Following are some points to consider:

– A majority of the First time investors don’t know much about the world of crypto. They are here to just buy some crypto, because they hear everyone buying Cryptocurrency. The primary reason for them to buy is FOMO.

– They would feel happy if they have a lot of coins ie. Rather than buying 1 coin for $100, they would like to hold 1000 coins for 10 cents each. Quantity speaks!

– They goto Cryptocurrency forums and follow the advice of the community there to narrow down on which Cryptocurrency to purchase.

Pricing your token or coin to meet the expectations of ‘FOMO’ investors is an important part of your ICO marketing strategy.


Try to get at least 1 sponsored coverage about your ICO story in a leading media ex: Forbes, Wall Street Journal etc.

This gives your campaign these unfair advantages:

– A coverage in such a media, boosts the validity of your Business model tremendously. Making it sound like the next APPLE.

– It creates a ripple effect and your ICO gets covered immediately in a series of smaller media channels for free.

– It will start creating discussion topics on Cryptocurrency forums (from where the ‘FOMO’ investors take their advice). And if you are present in these threads and Stir the conversation … more people will join the discussion.

– And obviously, you will get an avalanche of traffic from the coverage.

Note: Getting at-least one good media coverage is a very essential part of your ICO Marketing Strategy. This will provide a solid ground for you to device your entire ICO campaign successfully.

Investment Buzz

By now you have these 3 things:

  1. A couple of Entrepreneurs around the world running startups powered by your token/ coin. Also spending money, time to market their Applications.
  2. Big media coverage, Crypto community talking about your ICO. Good traffic to your ICO portal.
  3. Many people buying your ICO tokens and holding them.

Well, this is all a VC wants to invest in your idea ie. Traction, Community and Paying customers. Using these credentials, try to raise a small round of funding ( and for sure you can ).

This part of the ICO Marketing Strategy requires you to establish connection with as many VC firms as possible. You would need a professional Pitch Deck at this point of time (that explains your execution, Business plan, work done so far, vision). You would need to distribute your Executive summary to as many Angels, VC Brokers, Investment firms etc.

Tip: If you can WOO your investors in some way, your job gets done more easily. Before contacting them, set up a small Google Ads Re-Targeting campaign on your ICO Page. Once someone visits your page, a cookie is dropped and your Ad will be shown to them in whichever site they go.

Also since its Re-Targeting, you get each click for very very cheap rates. Once the VC visits your site, he will start seeing your Ads everywhere he goes. This will give him a very big picture about your ICO brand. And he will for sure get back.

Phase 2

Once you have raised an investment, do this:

  1. Close your ICO sales. Call it ‘Phase 1 ICO sales closed’.
  2. Increase the price a little bit and open phase 2 of your ICO sales.

Using the money you raised from VC and in phase 1 ICO Sales, again create news about your new round of investment. Announce it on more leading online media > do more marketing activities like email marketing, banner ads etc.

This will bring in more traffic and investors. More people will start discussing about your ICO in forums and communities. More sales!

Tip: At this phase of your ICO marketing Strategy, its good to send out targeted mass Email’s to the crypto investors community.

Platform Ready

At this point, your ICO Marketing strategy is working good. Let’s push further.

Now you have the left-over money from the investment, more money coming in from phase 2 ICO sales. Use this chance to build the perfect platform you promised to your investors ( the business plan you proposed in the Whitepaper ). While the platform is getting ready, start creating Tie-ups with other businesses.

Once the platform is ready and you have some good tie-ups with businesses, do this:

  1. Arrange for a demo day. Invite all the press and media. Invite representatives from your business tie-ups.
  2. Showcase your product. Introduce your business partnerships. Get all the more press coverage.

Note: For the success of any ICO Marketing Strategy, gaining the trust of your investors is very important. You have promised your investors a business plan / App / Platform, and you will need to get it done. If you get this done, you are for sure riding a wave to a massive success. Don’t worry if you have limited experience or resources to get the technology part done.

Phase 3

Now you have the attention of many. You have money. You have a product. You have an institutional investor backing you. Do this:

  1. Speak to your investor and ask him to aid you in raising the next round. He will be more than glad to do it ( as he sees things moving to the next level ). He will start introducing your business to his network of investors.
  2. Stop the Phase 2 sales. Revamp your website > Display all the press coverage > Link your product demo > Provide your sales plan > showcase your business tie-ups etc. In short, show that a gold mine is awaiting to be opened.
  3. Increase the price of the ICO and start Phase 3 sales. Mention very clearly in your expense plan that the funds raised in this round will be used for sales and marketing of the developed technology platform.

At this point of the ICO Marketing Strategy, you will see experienced investors roll in automatically. They will bite in for the new price you have set. As they see a decent product, 2 phases of ICO sales completed successfully. And the new money raised is for scaling the business.

List Your Coin

Now that many people own your coin, you can easily speak to Cryptocurrency exchanges and list your coin there. There is a very high chance that your coin will start trading at a premium price because:

  1. The first ICO Marketing Strategy we deployed, would have got many Entrepreneurs to execute their start-up’s. This would show your coins getting transacted in Main Net. This will show huge volumes already.
  2.  Your Coin launch in the exchanges is backed by so many media coverage, hype, institutional investment etc. Well, I would buy your coins 🙂

If the above ICO marketing Strategy is applied correctly and executed likewise, you can easily take your ICO into a proper Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) from here. In just a few years.

Following are some of the points you need to keep in mind while executing this ICO marketing strategy:

– Always maintain your ICO as a utility token. Be careful that it does not come under the Securities category. Or else your ICO Marketing strategy needs to be converted to an STO Marketing Strategy.

– As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is always best to get Entrepreneurs Sell Your ICO for you. Do follow the ICO Marketing strategy of distributing Open Source software( powered by your token ). So you easily get wanna-be entrepreneurs to start a business and sell for you. You can never find a better sales-person!

– Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Everything you need to execute this ICO marketing strategy is available ready-made Ex: ICO Dashboard Software, Paid Media Coverage, Tools etc.

– When creating your coin or token, don’t over complicate it. Just go ahead and create a token instantly on the Ethereum platform ( an ERC20 token ). Also going with such platforms have a lot of merits ie. More community support, Easy Development, lots of skilled programmers available etc.

Meanwhile, if you’re afraid of wasting time and ready to entrust your project to professionals, there are a number of cryptocurrency and ICO development companies that have helped many entrepreneurs with their ICO Marketing Strategy, and will be happy to help you.

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