ICO Platform Zilla to Make Token Sales Understandable

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read

Zilla is the first multi-lingual decentralized ICO platform that is set to eliminate difficulties currently faced by investors and projects during crowdsale campaigns.

With the growing number of ICOs, it is becoming more challenging for investors to monitor, discover, and verify information about new projects. On the other hand, companies looking to raise funding through crowdsales often fail to reach the right audience.

When making investment decisions, potential contributors have to conduct their own research in order to learn more about the ICO and know exactly what they are going to invest in. However, there’s always the possibility of getting the wrong information about the project, taking into account the high risk of scam and fake crowdsales.

These issues, together with the constantly increasing amount of ICOs, make it more difficult for new companies to get exposure to their projects and attract more investors. Instead of focusing on project development, new startups have to spend their time and resources on marketing and promotion.

Zilla was designed to make this process simpler and more secure, offering a unified marketplace for crowdsales. The platform will serve as a gateway for cryptocurrency investors to easily participate in ICOs, while also letting companies to effectively run their token sale campaigns.

“In the same way platforms like Etrade and Ant Financial made the stock market more accessible to the general public, or Alibaba and Amazon make it easy to buy products online, Zilla brings ICO token crowdsales to regular users in the form of one simple app,” the company says in a white paper.

Besides, Zilla will become the first multi-lingual application, allowing people from Korea, Japan, China, and all English-speaking countries to view information about crowdsales in their native language. According to the startup, there is no any ICO platform that would combine all these markets, which are now the hotbeds of the cryptocurrency sector.

Zilla provides users with an extensive list of properly checked ICOs, including information necessary to select the most appealing projects. Users can also upvote ICOs they like and downvote those they not find interesting. This voting feature allows you to see which projects are now more popular amongst other users.

ICO operators, meantime, will be able to list their projects on the platform and explain it to potential participants by uploading a comprehensive description, team background, advisors, and other details. Each ICO team has to go through Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure before getting listed on the platform, so any project with a shady background will be banned from Zilla. At the moment, the team tries to be selective with who to list and at the moment only 30 projects out of 200 applications that have been filed were approved so far.

Following months of waiting, Zilla was finally approved and successfully released its app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Zilla is powered by ZLA token that can be spent on the platform in any way you prefer, including acquiring products or taking part in crowdsales. The coin has recently been launched on Huobi, one of the largest digital exchanges in China, and its another token, called GD, will also be listed on the exchange soon.

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