IEO Hype: Binance Launchpad Gains Make Up a Bit Less than 380% on Average

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IEO Hype: Binance Launchpad Gains Make Up a Bit Less than 380% on Average
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Binance launchpad has recorded gains of over 379% for its three Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) this year. Analysts say that the demand is likely to rise and other exchanges are already replicating IEO model.

As we all remember, just recently Binance supported the BitTorrent IEO on its Launchpad platform. All available tokens were sold in a few minutes with a total of $7.2 mln raised.

During its IEO, BitTorrent Token (BTT) was sold at a price of $0.00012. As soon as it got listed, its price catapulted with about 330 percent. At the time of writing the price was $0.000768 with all-time high of $0.001250. It has increased even more since, currently trading at 640 percent higher (ROI) with all-time high of 1041 percent.

Fetch.AI Sets Its Own Records

Fetch.AI (FET) token was sold at a price of $0.0867 during the token sale event. At the time of writing the price was $0.199 with all-time high of $0.430755. It has increased even more since, currently trading at 230 percent higher (ROI) with all-time high of 496 percent.

Fetch.AI was definitely one of the most anticipated ICOs of this year. It has become the second ICO that was launched under Binance’s Launchpad program and has managed to achieve a successful raise after only 22 seconds.

As it is right now, all the sales launched to Binance Launchpad are explicitly available to BNB holders, as the tokens are only purchased with BNB. The only exception so far has been BitTorrent’s sale, where users were also allowed to buy tokens with Tron’s TRX.

Cz Zhao then tweeted:

Celer Network Token Sale: Highest Buy Demand

Another token sale hosted by Binance was that of Celer Network, which broke demand records with 39,000 users tried to get a piece of it. Unfortunately, only about 10 percent of them managed to get their hands on the CELR token. And they should definitely be thankful about it.

The heightened interest in CELR has also created a new round of scams, and the project team warns against sending funds to a fake token sale. There is no open token distribution for CELR beyond the recent sale on Binance, the team reminded:

Following its listing on Binance, the token is currently trading at around $0.025. For comparison, the price asked for it during the Launchpad token sale was $0.0067, suggesting yet another staggering increase of around 400%.

Presently, CELR trades against Binance Coin (BNB) at a price of 0.0015 BNB. During the token sale on Binance Launchpad, CELR was sold at $0.00043, revealing a similar increase compared to its USD value.

Immediately after the last sale – that of Celer Network, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, CEO at Binance, said that it was “actually the highest buy demand sale we have seen so far.”

Binance Launchpad Performance: Summarizing Review

So far, with these three token sales launched, projects managed to generate 711% ROI on average, with accounting for the smallest (but still impressing) 496%, Celer Network – 597%, and BitTorrent setting a record with a whopping 1041% return.

With hard caps set between $4m and $7.2m, the average return on investment constitutes 379%, with making up 230%, Celer Network managing to hit 266%, while BitTorrent leading the pack again with 640% in USD return.

Project Hard cap % of supply ICO Price (USD) Current price (USD) ROI (USD) All Time High (USD) ATH ROI (USD)
BitTorrent $7,200,000 6% $0.00012 $0.000768 640% $0.001250 1041%
FetchAI $6,000,000 6% $0.08670 $0.199377 230% $0.430755 496%
Celer $4,000,000 6% $0.00670 $0.017816 266% $0.040000 597%
Average 379% $0.157335 711%

More Crypto Exchanges Coming to the Race

And while Binance may be the best-known user of IEO model thanks to its Binance Launchpad, it is certainly not the only exchange to employ it. Many others did the same, including Huobi (with its Huobi Prime), OKEx (OK Jumpstart), Bittrex, Bitmax (Bitnax Launchpad), and KuCoin ( with its new IEO platform Spotlight).

The combination of exchanges and token-launching platforms significantly increased the exchanges’ trading volume, as well as the demand for their native tokens.

Meanwhile, projects that will be launched on these platforms are about to get massive exposure to existing investor pools, with the exchanges doing all the work when it comes to promotion and bringing liquidity. Finally, the investors themselves benefit from this, as they can now easily access a verified token, without having to worry whether it is a real project or not, as the exchanges do the background check as well.

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