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iFancyThat Aims to Create a Single Crypto Wallet for All Your Digital Payments

June 8th, 2022 at 3:56 pm UTC · 4 min read

The global financial system relies on many procedures and intermediaries to move money from one account to another. As a result, traditional money transfer methods have become a nightmare for consumers and financial institutions.  Overseas transfers through banks, for instance, are quite slow and costlier due to the immense use of intermediaries to verify transactions.

The advent of blockchain technology is considered a powerful way of making payments without relying on expensive intermediaries and cumbersome procedures.  Blockchain promises to offer high-speed transactions, reduce fraud, and mitigate risks within the global financial system.

Unlike traditional financial systems that take between 1-2 days to validate transactions, blockchain payments are completed in close to real-time. As soon as a transaction is recorded, the receiving party has access to the payment – no middlemen, no delays, no unnecessary fees. And once payment is entered, it can’t be reversed or changed in the ledger, fostering greater overall transparency and security.

iFancyThat is an ecosystem of iFancyThat apps, a wallet, and a payment gateway that leverages blockchain technology to streamline the error-prone traditional banking system. It is a one-stop wallet that allows users to connect with every service available on the iFancyThat platform and purchase their favorite products using FancyThatToken.

By enabling users to pay for goods and services through its secure crypto wallet and connect with its reliable and easy-to-use mobile apps, iFancyThat aims to make digital payments faster, easier, more transparent, and less costly.

iFancyThat Ecosystem of Apps

The Covid-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated how critical novel forms of payment are to keep the wheels of commerce turning. Blockchain-based payment platforms are recognized as one of the most exciting innovations within the global financial ecosystem. iFancyThat is integrating a secure payment gateway within its highly secure digital wallet to enable users to access a wide range of services within its ecosystem.


ifancyabet is set to be the number one gaming site in the world that accepts both crypto and fiat currency. It will allow users to use FancyThatToken to play a wide variety of casino games.


ifancyahirecar will be a new go-to website for vehicle hire. iFancyThat is working with major car hire brands on the market to bring the best deals on many hire vehicles. It will offer a car, coach, and even motorhome hires for any location in the world.


ifancyaflight will provide users with the best deals to fly to their dream destination. iFancyThat has partnered with the world’s biggest brands to give its customers easy access to all flight timings and destinations. Users will be able to book their dream holiday at great discounts using the FancyThatToken.


ifancyahotel will showcase beautiful hotels in stunning destinations. It will allow users to browse a list of thousands of stunning hotels, find the correct accommodation for vacations, and enjoy great discounts when they book a hotel with FancyThatToken.


ifancyadate is designed to give a new spark to the dating life of its customers. ifancyadate will encourage users to talk and meet with their perfect matches on the app. It will launch soon with some of the best features.


ifancyaphone will allow users to sell their unwanted mobile phones at an excellent price easily. It will enable them to compare the best prices available for their old phone with the best reviews. It will soon accept FancyThatToken for the purchase of cell phones.


ifancyawatch guarantees to show a wide range of brand name watches at the best prices possible. It will allow users to purchase their new accessory with FancyThatTokens on a discount offer.

Join FancyThatToken Seed Sale

FancyThatToken ($FNCY) is a BEP-20 token serving as the native currency in the iFancyThat ecosystem. It is used to pay for transactions within the platform while also offering a variety of utilities to holders.  Users will be able to invest, trade, or even pay for their hotels, flights, car hire, mobile phones, plus much more using the FancyThatToken.

FancyThatToken is built on the Binance Smart Chain to ensure quicker transactions and lower fees. The total supply of $FNCY is 100 billion tokens.

Currently, IFancyThat is in the midst of its seed private fundraising round. They have just started their journey, and you can get involved by registering for the sale on their website. The minimum purchase value for the tokens is $50, and the maximum value is $25,000. You’ll need to convert your USD into BND to purchase $FNCY tokens. Within 24 hours of the purchase, 20% of the tokens will be delivered into the wallet, while the remaining tokens will be claimed as per the vesting schedule.

To learn more about the token sale and purchase $FNCY tokens, visit iFancyThat social media: Twitter, Telegram, and their website.