ImmVRse Set to Make Millionaires Out of the VR Community

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ImmVRse Set to Make Millionaires Out of the VR Community
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ImmVRse offers a revolutionary platform for those looking to enter the new and compelling world of VR, allowing brands to hire content creators quickly and easily.

The modern world has changed dramatically in recent years. Technological advances have fostered unprecedented growth as we progress into a hyper-connected world. Notable milestones such as social media, blockchain technology, and Virtual Reality are three pillars of tech that have revamped the modern world.

Blockchain startup ImmVRse have developed a decentralized digital VR sharing platform that allows creators to sell their own content. They aim to establish themselves as the blockchain platform that is set to be the Youtube of VR content.

The Future of VR

ImmVRse have recognised numerous industries that can potentially adopt and benefit from VR. Most notably, the gaming scene has drastically changed owing to VR, which offers a unique and immersive experience. Indeed, VR has countless uses, many of which are not simply for entertainment.

Medicine could definitely benefit from implementing modern VR technology. Emergency services could simulate training scenarios, not to mention the potential military applications of VR. Should the real estate sector adopt VR house viewings, and renovations could be a hassle free and easy to experience. These are of course just a few examples of VR adoption, there are almost limitless possibilities of this technology.

Recent technological breakthroughs of this nature have massive implications for the future. A recent study carried out by the Education and Employers Charity which involved 13,000 UK primary school children found that many 7-11 year-old are looking towards a more tech driven career, rather than more traditional options.

Another study carried out by travel company First Choice revealed that one-third of participants wanted to be a YouTuber. An interesting statistic, considering that just a few years ago the results may have shown more traditional roles such as police officers and doctors standing out.

Being a YouTuber is understandably desirable for younger generations. YouTube creators are paid for every 1000 ad views – it is also a global platform for exposure. YouTube has revolutionized the Internet age, allowing anyone, anywhere, with a camera to share their talents and experiences with a worldwide audience.

Needless to say that social media has won domination over the modern world and erupted into our everyday lives. The results revealed by the First Choice study are certainly a sign of the times to come.

VR Millionaires

Dedicated to VR content sharing, ImmVRse’s platform is looking to improve the already successful model. For the first time, VR content creators will be able to sell their content and have the opportunity to receive employment contracts from prospective employers.

The ImmVRse platform is set to make millionaires out of the VR community. Their vision to combine the brightest minds has become a reality. Described as the “VR Child of YouTube and Freelancer” by COO, Limon Rahman boasts that the very best creatives can connect as the momentum and growth of VR content progresses.

Since blockchain technology and VR content are in their relative infancy, ImmVRse serves as a medium with massive potential aiming to establish their platform and ecosystem to allow VR content creators to break new ground.

ImmVRse CEO and founder, Farabi Shayor stated:

“One of the key problems of the VR content industry is the current fragmentation and lack of opportunity for producers to make a lot of money. Within our platform, not only can they receive advertising revenue, but they can also sell their content to buyers and receive job offers from brands.”

With an experienced and expert team, ImmVRse has established themselves as the leaders in VR content sharing. Their unique vision has the potential to revolutionize the modern world, as we are only on the cusp of a technological breakthrough. Owing to blockchain technology and innovators like ImmVRse, the world has all the chances to become connected better.

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