In Front of Data Interests, How Will Blockchain+ Social Do? ATT Offers a New Solution

Place/Date: - March 9th, 2020 at 2:23 pm UTC · 6 min read
Source: ATT

The annual report of the “Global Blockchain Industry Development Panorama 2019-2020” revised by Huobi Research Institute was released recently.

In addition to summarizing the global development of the blockchain industry for a year, it also includes financial, supply chain, education, intellectual property, energy, public welfare, and other industries have elaborated the development trend of blockchain industry applications, and there is no shadow of the practice of blockchain in the social field.

The concept of blockchain + social networking has a long history. Since the era of the mobile Internet, it has become a singularity growth in the social giants. Today, Facebook, Tencent, and other giants with hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization have now integrated into our lives. This is the data business and there is no free lunch in the world.

While social software is provided to users for free these companies build giant data nets in the social field to capture and sell user data for profit. In recent years, scandals such as false news, user privacy leaks, illegal data trading, and control over public opinion have been exposed. Some industry giants have also paid a price for this unethical behavior but compared to the huge wealth they have earned it is a fraction of their profits.

At this time, the rise of blockchain technology seems to let everyone see a glimmer of light to control their personal data. Blockchain technology has a native distributed storage and data privacy right confirmation, asymmetric encryption and other technologies solve the social networking pain points experienced by the users. The solution is promising but it is not simple.

Blockchain is difficult, but blockchain + social networking is even more difficult to implement. Social products have emerged in recent years, but very few have survived. Even Alibaba-sized companies have encountered countless thorns on their way to socialize.

During this period, some social products combining blockchain technology, such as ONO, QUNQUN, YeeCall, etc., have been covered from the community platform to the communication and social applications, but the platform performance is still flat, and users are difficult to retain. Of these, only Telegram has gained a foothold with its huge community influence. And raised more than 1.7 billion US dollars in digital token issuance in 2019.

At the same time, Telegram was also accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and filed an urgent lawsuit against Telegram for offshore entities in the United States and overseas for unregistered digital token issuance to obtain a temporary restraining order.

At this moment the social field is still a giant game, and it can be a cruel game. What can blockchain technology do to help?

Recently, a European technology company has taken action. A team called ATT (Agreement of Telecom Technosphere) released a white paper. ATT takes a different approach as it does not start at the application level, but provides a decentralized information communication protocol to take a big cut of the social network industry’s cake.

The white paper describes a new type of communication protocol that combines the core technologies of DNS, smart contracts, and instant messaging with the underlying technology of the blockchain. It considers the current industry pain points and will provide impressive support for cross-chain processing of high-concurrency tasks, highly encrypted information on the chain, and complete user privacy. ATT will define the underlying infrastructure for future information and communication.

The Rise of Our decentralized communication protocols

ATT (Agreement of Telecom Technosphere) is a decentralized information communication protocol based on blockchain technology.

ATT is committed to providing an autonomous cross-platform communication solution for global social networks. Different SNS (Social Network Services) can establish an information network through the ATT protocol, allowing users to conduct cross-platform social actions.

ATT is a next-generation decentralized information communication protocol that provides cross-platform, border-breaking, high security, complete privacy, and provides users with an instant friendly communication experience.

ATT combines the four major technologies of blockchain, DNS, smart contracts, and instant messaging protocols. Each user on the chain includes one or more server/service providers and applications. Each user on the chain can communicate with other users and modify the service provider at any time with our underlying infrastructure of information and communication protocols.

Innovative research and development of a two-layer communication protocol include two layers of duplex protocols. The first layer is a basic communication protocol providing the basic connection function. The second layer is an extended protocol facilitating cross-product communication functions.

Information circulation will support end-to-end encryption creating an advanced quick communication experience for users. The process of message transmission will be simpler, faster, reliable and private. The message transmission combines layered multi-chain technology and communication protocols to handle highly concurrent and complex tasks across chains to further protect the privacy of users.

Our infrastructure was designed for developers providing open-source code and an open ATT protocol. Developers can focus on developing popular applications without having to maintain the server reducing operating costs.

Serhii Burukin, the founder of the ATT team, is a well-known entrepreneur in the European “Silicon Valley” in Ukraine. He has 16 years of technology development experience and has been immersed in social fields and communication protocols. Serhii Burukin’s vision has attracted dozens of the world’s top technology developers and senior experts in various fields and industries.

They have created deeply cultivated core technologies in the social field, blockchain technology cryptography, and network security for more than ten years. The system capability has doubled because our dedicated team possesses a deep knowledge of computer theory. This strength of this team is evident by evaluating the results of their application-level research and development which is showcased by our underlying infrastructure.

ATT’s business model is more biased towards B2B2C as a result of analyzing social networking metrics. Thanks to the information and communication data we learned that the experience of C-side users exceeds ordinary business users, which is more conducive to market expansion.

The blockchain + social network field is becoming more mature with blockchain technology and the growth of landing applications will attract more entrepreneurs to participate. The establishment of advanced communication infrastructure is crucial and ATT is committed to being an industry leader.