INGOT Coin Claims to Connect Blockchain Tech With Traditional Market

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
INGOT Coin Claims to Connect Blockchain Tech With Traditional Market

Having achieved its soft cap with ease during private TGE, INGOT Coin will act as a bridge between blockchain tech and regular financial market.

A great disconnection between blockchain technology and traditional market is currently considered as one of the biggest issues faced by crypto community in penetrating mainstream financial markets.

Traditionalists seem to be totally satisfied with the existing channels of trading and cash flows, as they are not ready to disrupt financial industry standards for the sake of decentralized ledger technologies. However, this issue is set to change for good soon.

INGOT Coin represents itself a blockchain-based platform with a significant experience of 25 years working in the financial markets. The INGOT Group was frustrated with the inefficiencies and the drawbacks of the market. It saw the industry adopt the technology, but at a very slow pace.

As a trading firm, the company sees its main goal in providing its customers with the best of services available. It was one of the first to introduce the concept of short selling to the Middle East and North African markets and was the first to create a commodity exchange in Egypt. As such, the firm has been always on the forefront to bring new and better trading solutions to markets.

True to their legacy, INGOT Group is bringing the biggest revolution to financial markets by acting as a bridge between blockchain technology and regular financial market.

With the launch of cryptocurrency services connected with its regular financial services, the INGOT Coin is the perfect solution to the market inefficiencies. The blockchain platform enables users to run transactions according to their requirements, without any delays, high fees, and risks associated with traditional ones.

The company’s trustful setup is based on its long history of giving the best and most stable services giving the best liquidity and return on investment. This is reflected in their recent private token generation event (TGE), where the firm’s blockchain platform has managed to raise more than USD 40,000,000 from more than 6,000 investors, achieving its soft cap with ease.

With the soft cap target hit, the platform has opened its doors to the public with their main TGE round. This round will see 120,000,000 IC tokens up for grabs and up to 25% discount.

The innovative blockchain platform offers its customers an IC Wallet that can securely store all of the cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. Extra securities, such as multi-signature and cold storage options, are available for users.

IC Exchange, offered by the company is another useful feature. It represents itself a full fledged exchange allowing users to trade or exchange their preferred coins.  The highest liquidity and profitability in the market will be reached with the help of IC Brokerage, which allows for trading of commodities and other financial products at a speed and efficiency of blockchain.

With a proper bank based on blockchain, users will be able to have multiple accounts, such as current, savings and brokerage ones, giving them the unmatched settlement and remittance speed at the lowest fees. This is what IC Digital Bank will be responsible for.

For users who are interested in understanding how the blockchain technology works and helps them, Crypto Certifier will offer certified courses on IT consulting, compliance, cryptography and financial services.

And, finally, the company will offer its users to leverage its ICO Accelerator,  which is designed to give innovative projects essential services such as PR services, White Paper creation, legal and blockchain development etc.

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