Intel, Vodafone, Siemens and Others Create Internet of Things Security Foundation

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read

More than 30 firms, including Intel, Vodafone and Siemens, have set up The Internet of Things Security Foundation that will address the issues of security in the IoT sector.

Over 30 companies, including Vodafone, BT, Intel and Siemens, have teamed up to create a new foundation that will enhance security of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and prevent the possible cyber attacks. The Internet of Things Security Foundation was officially launched in London on September 23.

People using of the IoT devices are primarily concerned by such issues as safety and privacy, as they don’t want to unveil their personal data, like when they are at home or the time they are using the fridge. But the growing adoption of IoT products means that they become more attractive target for hackers.

“With so many concerns and a new complexity of security in IoT, it is important that we now start the necessary work in earnest to address known, yet not always addressed, and emerging vulnerabilities,” John Moor, director of the IoTSF, told v3 website.

“The scale and scope of the issues are formidable and as such they require a formidable response. This can only be achieved effectively by working together.”

The decision to set up the IoTSF was taken by the attendees of the IoT Security Summit, which was held at Bletchley Park a few months ago. The participants of the event voted on whether it is necessary to form an organization that would work on improving IoT security and the majority said they should create a foundation.

Royal Holloway University of London, Imagination Technologies, NMI, Copper Horse Solutions, Secure Thingz and PenTest Partners are among the other founding members.

“As more and more devices are being attached to the Internet, for a multitude of reasons, the potential attack surface and corresponding security threat increases dramatically. Adversaries with wide-ranging motivations have an ever-rich target where security gaps, sometimes caused by a basic lack of knowledge, are being exposed on a daily basis. IoTSF has been formed in response to a spectrum of security concerns as the rise in global IoT system deployments is greatly anticipated,” the IOTSF said in a press announcement.

Despite the vulnerabilities in the IoT sector, the internet-connected devices can help businesses and individuals in their daily planning. Besides, IoT can allow people to reduce power consumption by using home devices in an energy efficient way.

“The opportunity for IoT is staggering. There are a great many possibilities for businesses in all sectors, including manufacturing, transport, health, home, consumer, and public services. However, there are ever-real security challenges that accompany those opportunities,” Moore commented on the launch.

“It is vital to the adoption of existing and new systems that security is addressed from the start, that it is fit for purpose, and it can be managed over the lifecycle of the system. Our intention is simple – drive excellence in IoT security. By creating a dedicated focus on security, IoTSF aims to be the home for providers, adopters, and beneficiaries of IoT products and services.”

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