‘INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM OF JUSTICE’ — by Ukrainian Singer Jerry Heil

Place/Date: - April 25th, 2022 at 8:50 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Jerry Heil

The production of the FIRST NFT audio “Putin go home” was created by the platinum sound producer of the singer Cher – the legendary Anders Hansen, the Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil and the musician MORPHOM.

Singer Jerry Heil says:

“On February 24, I woke up a second before the real shelling started outside my window – Russia attacked my Ukraine! Then I realized that now I was facing one of the options: either I survive or not… I was forced to leave my native Ukraine… the land where I was born and raised! The place where my relatives and parents live… And it was on my way leaving my homeland that I wrote a song… that reflects all the pain of the Ukrainian people!”

This international track of justice will be sold by Ukrainian singer Jerry Hale at an NFT auction, and will donate all the proceeds to the ‘I am not Alone’ Charitable Foundation to help Ukrainians who have been suffering for more than 52 days from the terrible war that Russia started on February 24. A large number of civilians are trapped in destroyed cities and villages without water, food and light. More than 10 million people who had a chance to get evacuated were forced to flee their homes to escape the bombing and shelling, and had to move to other cities or countries. Most refugees have nothing with them, they have left everything to save their lives: many people are left alone, they have no clothes, no place to stay, they do not have enough money to get by. People around the world are supporting Ukrainians in these difficult times by collecting and sending humanitarian aid.

Singer Jerry Heil:

“I intended to put the pain of the people and my personal pain into it. Sadness for the house I love! But I also wanted to take a unifying step. And to use this one track to weave all nations into the sound of “Putin go home”! I added our UKRAINIAN ethno code to the lines of the song! Namely, the adapted words of our Ukrainian ultras “PUTIN X @@ LO la-la-la” which they shouted all over the world, and it happened during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014″

The I am not Alone Charitable Foundation organizes humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees and collects it in warehouses in the United States and the European Union. They are working on organizing logistics hubs to transfer aid to Ukrainian cities and villages, where it is the only way for people to survive. Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil has joined the project, turning her song “Putin Go Home” to the NFT; and she is now selling it through an auction on the OpenSea marketplace.

Today, NFT is a great opportunity to help Ukraine and at the same time become the owner of a unique art object. This is not the only NFT audio exhibit to be featured in the Ukrainian Valkyries collection. DIVERGENT will soon present a new NFT work!

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  • Collection: Ukrainian Valkyries
  • Song: Jerry Heil
  • Art: Dukhovnoe Litso Support:
  • Ukraine Donations: I AM NOT ALONE Charitable Foundation
  • NFT auction: famous singer Jerry Hale sells her song to help Ukraine