Introducing Your Gateway to the Internet of Value: How Takes on Investors’ Favorite Worst Crypto Dilemma

July 20th, 2018 at 4:39 pm UTC · 4 min read

It is very likely that in the near future we will heavily rely on them to store and exchange value; we are confident that many other applications will come up from this groundbreaking invention. In short, the Crypto revolution is to us now what the Internet represented in the early 2000’s: a huge promise to transform our lives in ways we could not fully comprehend at the time.

The buzz around the Crypto industry brings around a flood of information full of enthusiasm since it advances the conversation on the development of digital economy.

However, it seldom helps investors choose among the different features and technicalities that exist on the exchange market. Should one prioritize a high-level security by using a decentralized Exchange, or is it better to entrust a third-party for the sake of high liquidity and considerable cutbacks on delays?

To pinpoint the very reason why Bitcoin seduces so many, we must recall the impact that its decentralized, “trustless” system made.

The peer-to-peer technology relies solely on the Internet, thus eliminating the need for an intermediary, but because Centralized platforms allow higher trade volumes and shorter delays for trades, DEXs are being overlooked even though they offer a greater level of security. We always believed that crypto traders should not be forced to choose between liquidity, low-latency and safety.

This is where comes into play.

Meet a New Generation of Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Combining the Best of DEX and CEX Features for a Brand-new Trading Experience

At, we tackled the challenge of providing our community with a centralized Exchange platform that also offers what is referred to as “Decentralized Settlement.” This feature allows our users to benefit from a high-performance centralized orderbook without giving up the control of their crypto-assets.

It means that’s users are protected against counterparty risk and have the best guarantee that their coins will remain under their control thanks to “cross-chain atomic swaps” technology. This focus on security is inherited from our parent company Paymium, where 98% of our customers’ crypto-assets have been in cold storage since 2013.

Decentralized and Centralized exchange platforms each have their own perks, depending on the user’s preferences and priorities. Still, it is not always simple for investors — especially newcomers — to decide which type of platform to start with. Throughout the building process of, we maintained a simple, albeit essential objective to provide the best of both worlds by not skimping on safety, trade volume and speed.

At, we are aware big changes are ahead and we want to be part of the wave that will engulf and transform the way we envision markets — should it be innovation-wise, or in terms of financial inclusion. All along, we wanted to provide our community with a sleek, user-friendly platform that could also help democratize the technology by simplifying the process for newcomers. This is precisely what the Internet of Value stands for.

Compliance as a Differentiator: Encouraging Trade while Ensuring Trust aims to become the most reliable crypto-assets marketplace in Europe, where crypto-currencies and tokens will be traded safely among institutional and individual users. Our platform is specifically designed for ready-to-trade investors.

The MVP is already live and the interface will be fully operational shortly after the ICO’s end. Users will be able to start trading select tokens at 0.1% fees for both makers and takers, and even less for BCIO tokens holders.

On top of that, will also provide ICO consulting services — guiding projects from start to finish to ensure their success. Moreover, the handpicked tokens featured on our listing after a thorough audit will provide our investors with a wide range of solid projects.

Last but not least, the ICO is also registered with the SEC for US accredited investors and has been presented to France’s “Autorité des Marchés Financiers.”

So, join in! We look forward to experiencing the Internet of Value with you.