Introduction to Jinbi: Merging Gold to Blockchain

July 10th, 2018 at 7:22 pm UTC · 5 min read

That means that these currencies cannot be manipulated by any central bank, unlike the Federal Reserve itself or other central banks around the world. In several ways, they are the modern, digital equivalent of gold and silver, which used to be pure forms of capital before governments and bankers began to manipulate them for their benefit. So, in a way, cryptocurrencies are considered to be the last “pure” currencies on the planet, but their impact on our world goes far beyond that.

In the past, all transactions were conducted through an intermediary – such as a bank – who supervised the entire transaction. By verifying that everything was in order in the transaction, the banks added to their operations a certain air of trust among the people.

However, the cryptocurrencies are creating a real revolution in the system because there is no longer an intermediary. Instead, digital transactions are made directly from person to person. This leads us to what is known as blockchain, something that is both understood and confusing to some people.

Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized database that keeps track of all transactions that occur within the system. Within this blockchain, transaction records and payment details are scattered in a vast database, which is public for bitcoin miners on the net. The blockchain, in short, is the basic structure of all cryptocurrencies transactions.

The Jinbi Token (JNB) involves a typical investment in gold with blockchain technology, giving the token the best of both worlds. Everyone knows gold and its history as a reserve of value and purchasing power.

The cryptomarket has adopted some of the benefits of gold with the invention of cryptographic coins such as Bitcoin, a digital currency that can easily be transferred between pairs anonymously at instantaneous speed. This is possible due to an existing decentralized blockchain technology platform.

Jinbi has developed this concept more profoundly and has taken it further. Blockchain technology has its main advantages to ensure anonymous, fast, secure, traceable and transparent transactions, providing a guarantee and supporting the security of your operations.

A critical structural aspect of the Jinbi Token is the inclusion of fresh gold into a representative ecosystem. This is done to provide an increasing lower limit to the value of the token in the secondary market. Arbitration traders would rationally buy Jinbi and sell gold if the price of the token fell below the internal value of the gold, which would provide a minimum amount for the token.

The cost of gold equity can be considered as the sum of all your future cash flows, but a Jinbi chip is just the sum of your future cash flows plus the intrinsic gold value.

This hybrid functionality allows for an upward token price with upward volatility, that is, the volatility that an entire investor wants.

For example, with an audited and reported domestic gold value of 150,000 ounces in the fourth quarter of 2019 at a predicted gold price of $1,350 per ounce, the Jinbi token should not be traded below 16.20 per token. Rational market makers will buy any drop below this hard gold floor as the reported internal gold value is higher than the underlying price.

The Jinbi token will provide both the precious metals investor market and encrypted currency enthusiasts with an advanced value preservation solution. The mission of this cryptocurrencies is to offer an intelligent contract service based on the blockchain, with the aim of providing the most sophisticated, secure and stable instrument for physical gold investments and storage.

This cryptocurrency offers the investor an innovative and responsible structure that uses an intelligent blockchain contract and is expected to generate substantial capital appreciation while maintaining an attractive risk profile.

Its use is that the Jinbi tokens, which you will receive through a reasonable contract, are your documentation in invested physical gold shares. Besides, Jinbi Token holders are eligible to receive quarterly reports on precious metals and cryptographic currency investments. To receive investment reports, one must have invested a minimum of 1 ether (in value) during the ICO.

For Jinbi tokens to be purchased they will be available on their respective websites during the pre-sale and ICO. Once the ICO has completed, the Jinbi tokens will be available for purchase at the selected exchanges. Jinbi Management will inform investors which trades will be selected for the Jinbi Token deal.

Once ICO fundraising is completed, Jinbi tokens can be sold through selected exchanges. Jinbi Token’s customer data is completely secure, and your information is kept confidential. A standard ERC20 token is used in the Ethereum network, which uses military-grade cryptography to address security issues.

The idea of having the value in gold in a safe way and in a constant production of investment will be highly attractive and profitable in the platform that Jinbi Token has to offer, ensuring complete transparency and a decisive investment mould for all those people who want to have their capital safe and that it generates profits in a constant production. Through this platform, this idea is carried out effectively and with complete conviction, which produces excellent satisfaction when it comes to receiving results.

In this way the Jinbi Token becomes a fundamental tool when it comes to the safe and productive investment of resources in gold, guaranteeing an investment goal with profitability and reliability that in the long run will generate great purchasing results.

Promoting a new form of reinvented investment and offering an attractive profile that will create confidence and quality to its users, achieving total satisfaction and total control of your capital in a safe environment, easy access and immediate processing. The investment tools are in our hands; it is our duty to use them and make the most of them.



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