IOST Joins Forces with Chinese Government to Foster Blockchain Adoption

Place/Date: - June 22nd, 2020 at 9:00 am UTC · 5 min read
Source: IOST

In China’s push for blockchain adoption, the latest news highlights China’s National Archives Administration to join a strategic alliance with DLT project IOST in accelerating blockchain awareness, education and application.

IOST Joins Forces with Chinese Government to Foster Blockchain Adoption

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IOST continues to make headlines as the first blockchain project invited to lecture to the Chinese government. IOST reinforces its position as a blockchain leader in China through key alliances with the Government entities, this time- the National Archives Administration (NAA), the national agency under the China Central Committee of the Communist Party responsible for historical records of the state dating back to imperial times in China.

The NAA invited IOST’s Co-founder Terry Wang as an industry expert to lecture on blockchain technology development trends and application to the Chinese government leaders. In this lecture, Terry expounded the development trend of blockchain technology and the current status of China’s blockchain industry, the innovative application of IOST & its BaaS platform in maintaining the sacredness and authenticity of the historical evidence of China.

A total of 350 people including Chen Shiju, deputy director of the Central Office, members of the leadership team of the National Archives Bureau, and representatives of some cadres and employees attended the special lecture at the main venue and branch venues.

This momentous achievement paves the way for further adoption of IOST blockchain technology in China by the Chinese government, Chinese industry leaders, and major enterprises. IOST’s growing recognition by the China government and enterprises will promote the development of IOST’s robust ecosystem, and unlock more future potentials of its innovative, unique, and leading technology.

IOST’s Breakthrough & Leading Position in China

For the uninitiated, IOST has become a major representative of public chains in China for being the first project invited by the China national television CGTV. This was followed by IOST being featured on multiple national publications & news agencies such as & Xinhua. Notably, IOST was the first and only blockchain project invited to attend the prestigious forum by China’s China’s Great Hall Of The People to deliver a speech to State Leaders, Mayors, and CEOs. During the same event, IOST was also recognized as a standing member of the Consensus Committee under the China Software Association. Aiou Technology, IOST’s Enterprise Arm was selected As “2019 Chinese Blockchain Technology Innovation Enterprise” at the 2019 Blockchain Technology and Industry Innovation and Development Conference

On a recent note, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute (CCID Research Institute) put IOST at 1st for Basic Technology and at a respectful 4th position overall — rising up a spot from its rank in the previous period.

About China National Archives Administration

The National Archives Administration (NAA) of China is the national administrative agency responsible for historical records of the state dating back to imperial times in China. The archive collections include more than 800,000 records. There are more than 80 million items of information in documents, records, files, manuscripts on important political figures. The agency also concurrently holds records for the Communist Party of China.

The NAA is a cultural institution directly under the CPC Central Committee and the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. In 1959, according to a circular of the CPC Central Committee on the unified management of the Party’s archives work, the National Archives Administration was both a Party and a government body, under the direct leadership of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee.

In October 2019, a meeting of the General Office of CPC Central Committee stressed accelerating the innovative development of blockchain technology and industry. Focusing on the development of informatization, the National Archives Administration of China has paid close attention to the trend of blockchain technology for a long time and studied the possibility and feasibility of its transformation and application in archival work. For exploring blockchain technology application of archives management, strengthen the study and practice guidance, quickening the construction of archives informatization, better serve economic and social development.

IOST Joins Forces with Chinese Government to Foster Blockchain Adoption

IOST’s special lecture reported on the official website of the National Archives Administration of China.

Shiju Chendeputy Director of General Office of CPC Central Committee, leading group members of the NAA and some representatives of cadres and workers attended the special lecture by IOST’s Terry last Friday, 19 June 2020.

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