Empowering the Value Internet Era, IPSE Will Launch BIGONE and BITOK Exchanges Worldwide for The First Time

Place/Date: - February 8th, 2020 at 9:03 am UTC · 5 min read
Source: IPSE

IPSE is the first distributed storage and search network engine around the world. Founded in early 18th, invested by members of Singapore’s SuperChain Capital, South Korea’s WTIA Group, and the UAE Royal Family, it will greatly empower the advent of the blockchain and distributed economy era as a new generation of flow entry to create great value.

With the development of the digital economy, the global Internet industry is showing a scene of comprehensive information explosion. Under this background, the efficiency and security of traditional data storage and call infrastructure models and facilities with centralization as the core are facing huge challenges. In this era, a decentralized data logic based on the blockchain emerges at the historic moment, which can solve a series of existing data industry pain points and greatly empower the new digital economy. The Web 3.0 era is coming and will great promote the next explosive growth of the global digital economy.

The founding team of IPSE has a solid technical background and industry resources. They have worked in the fields of blockchain technology, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, and big data for many years. The core members have held important positions in companies such as Google, Baidu, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc., and have internationally leading technical background and resource integration experience.

The birth of the blockchain has promoted the transformation of the Internet. The global Internet industry is experiencing a historic change from the information Internet to the value Internet. IPSE is the world’s first distributed storage and search network engine, which will greatly empower the advent of the blockchain and distributed economy era, create a next-generation value Internet flow entrance, and create great value.

IPSE can solve a series of pain points of traditional centralized data systems. The solution covers the entire chain of the life cycle of data from indexing, storage, retrieval, and recovery which achieve great innovation from o to 1.Not only that, IPFS, as a distributed data storage technology innovation, lacks a convenient way to use it, so it is difficult for IPFS to be applied and generate value. As a distributed search engine based on IPFS, IPSE undertakes the strong link between IPFS and large-scale applications. IPSE realizes the large-scale industrial application of IPFS, and gives full play to the value potential of distributed storage systems, thereby creating an efficient, convenient, and convenient. The economic distributed search ecology empowers many distributed business scenarios and promotes the continuous growth of the distributed economy.

Regarding the index tracing of data, IPSE proposes to use an incentive mechanism to integrate data tracing to give data creators an incentive to participate in the establishment of distributed data networks.For data storage, a decentralized storage system is used, data encryption is implemented using hash encryption, and high throughput of data is achieved with fragmentation technology, thereby ensuring the efficiency of data management.For the use of ports, DApps are used instead of Apps, and smart contracts are used to reduce data management costs and improve system efficiency.

Data systems are often faced with the choice of security and efficiency. Compared with Filecoin, they pay more attention to efficiency. IPSE innovatively proposes the IPSE certification mechanism-PoST (proof-of-storage-true) to realize consensus mining of resources and indexing capabilities. IPSE uses a new proof method to prove data acquisition (PDP, Provable-data-possesion). It confirms to ensure that the real storage resource miner, real storage capacity, and storage of true and valuable data reflect the PoST mechanism, realize the abandonment of wrong resources, and retain real resources.

Based on the PoST mechanism, IPSE designs a closed-loop token economic model. As a strong driving force for IPSE to build a value Internet traffic entrance, POST tokens assume the functions of stimulating users and promoting the transfer of ecological value. Among the application scenarios involved in IPSE distributed search, Eco-participants can earn POST rewards by acting positively on the IPSE ecosystem.Besides, because POST has actual use scenarios in the IPSE ecosystem, so as to obtain actual value support, coupled with positive value logic, as an important driver of IPSE, POST will greatly empower many business scenarios and greatly promote distributed The coming of the data age.

After the meticulous design of the world’s senior top-level architecture team and solution team and in-depth development that took two years, the IPSE distributed search engine has moved from concept to ground. Currently, technically IPSE has begun a comprehensive upgrade of 2.0, and it will fully embrace the blockchain operating system Substrate. Ecologically, a closed loop has been formed. The IPFS technology community, the IPSE community, the POST OTC community, and the mining hosting agency, etc. At the same time, POST will be launched on the global exchanges of BIGONE and BITOK at 14:00 on February 8, 2020, Singapore time, which will also become an important milestone to promote the construction of global value Internet.