IQ Coin Launches Innovative Gaming Platform

Place/Date: - December 9th, 2021 at 6:00 pm UTC · 2 min read
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IQ Coin Launches Innovative Gaming Platform
Photo: IQ COIN

Blockchain gaming platform IQ COIN has announced the launch of its gaming platform. With the launch, users will participate in entertaining quizzes in exchange for rewards in IQCOINS.

An Innovative Play-to-Earn Platform

IQ COIN is a web-based quiz gaming platform where users solve mind-engaging questions designed to entertain and teach players. It reinvents the concept of popular quiz games by integrating blockchain technology and the Play-to-Earn model.

Gamers can access hundreds of quizzes and answer them in exchange for rewards in its native token IQCOINS. In addition, users can easily register on IQ COIN by inputting their wallet address and e-mail to access the gaming portal.

The quizzes are divided into different sections, and each player will earn weekly IQCOINS for completing daily quiz tasks. IQ COIN also integrates a ranking system that collates the weekly average of tests taken, and users with high points get more rewards. IQ COIN is also community-driven, and users can compete with other players across the world and engage socially via the in-game chat feature.

The gaming platform is powered by its in-game token IQCOIN. IQCOIN is a Bep-20 token and leverages the architecture of the Binance Smart Chain to ensure fast and cheap transactions for holders. It also serves as a reward and governance token. Holders can speculate on the token and exchange it on supported exchanges for crypto or fiat.

IQ COIN will have a total of 1 trillion tokens with the tokenomics designed to ensure fair distribution and ensure sustainability.

More Developments in the Future

The IQ COIN team has already revealed that it is currently developing a mobile app for the gaming platform. The mobile app is expected to provide an optimized gaming experience for users and be made available on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

Other products in development include the IQ Wallet, a secure non-custodial wallet where users can store their IQ COINs. The wallet will also be repurposed to have extra features and is simple to use.

IQ COIN also plans to list its token on several centralized and decentralized exchanges. This development are expected to bring about massive adoption of IQ COIN and expand its ecosystem.

To learn more about IQ COIN, visit the following links: Twitter, Telegram.