IQB Announces the Launch of New Airdrop Game

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
IQB Announces the Launch of New Airdrop Game
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Called IQB Hunter Game, the new airdrop game provides a chance for the platform’s users to win free cryptocurrencies by performing small tasks.

The upcoming IQB Hunter Game aims at completing the functionality of IQB App, allowing the App users to play the IQB APP when the live-trivia airdrop game is off. Like in any other airdrop campaign or even bounty campaign, the users are able to participate and earn tokens by completing easy tasks. IQB Hunter Game is going to be officially introduced next week.

IQB is a next-generation live-streaming value sharing platform aiming to revolutionize the current live-streaming market. Based on the blockchain technology, the system allows users to efficiently convert the inherent and acquired intellectual achievements into economic benefits via online interactive live-stream.

IQB is the world’s first decentralized live-streaming platform that combines the benefits of airdrop and blockchain technology. The app is designed mainly for end users to take part in live trivia, win jackpot, watch streamer’s live shows and reward them. The system is powered by the IQB token that works as the only value delivery instrument within the platform, eliminating any chances of benefit barriers in each link.

The format of live trivia-shows is getting more popular nowadays, with such platforms as HQ Trivia and Trivia Summit turning into rapidly growing businesses. IQB is so far the first one to provide a reverse benefit chain incentive mechanism that urges people to interact with the platform.

Now, the company is preparing to launch a new airdrop game that will enable players to earn digital currencies by completing simple daily tasks on social media. IQB Hunter Game offers around 30 tasks from eight media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Youtube, Bitcointalk, and Telegram.

To start playing, first download the app, open the homepage, click to join in the game and choose between the tasks listed. Once the tasks are finished and verified by the platform’s admins, the tokens will be sent to your IQB wallet.

The project’s team can boast a rich experience in the field as it has already launched several advertising management and interactive live-streaming systems, as well apps for Android and iOS platforms. Besides, the company has managed to attract a significant number of end users and multiple advertising service agreements.

As we earlier reported, the app differs from most traditional platforms, which can’t always guarantee the results of marketing campaigns. For advertisement clients it can be difficult to distinct good projects and often requires them to have extensive marketing experience. IQB guarantees instant marketing results for its advertisement clients, allowing them to easily track all data, contact with active users, and manage their budget. Moreover, unlike traditional media, IQB offers brands up to fifteen minutes of show time to promote their products.

Previously, the need to download and install digital wallets was a serious challenge for users not familiar with the technology, preventing further expansion of blockchain apps. In IQB, the wallet will be integrated into the app in the form of a light wallet, what eliminates technical barriers to the app’s expansion.

The app is now available for download in the APP Store and Google Play.

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