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IQB App Offers 50ETH Airdrop Jackpots Starting from May 20th

May 18th, 2018 at 10:47 am UTC · 3 min read

IQB App is the first landing App of IQB-C, and the first-ever decentralized live-streaming platform in Blockchain industry. IQB-C aims to build a system by allowing users to capitalize on their knowledge and convert the acquired intellectual achievements into economic benefits through live-trivia with jackpot. It helps IQB App to offer the most creative, reliable and efficient marketing resolutions to Blockchain projects.

7000 Downloads, US$33 per Winner per Game

It has been a month since IQB App’s launch on both App Store and Google Play Store, with a high growing number of participants as well as winners in the game, IQB has held 2 sessions (10 games) of IQB Airdrop Live-trivia under the strategic cooperative relationship with TNB. As sponsor, TNB has invested 5,000,000TNB on IQB App for promotion. Based on the fluctuating market price of TNB ranging from 5 to 8 US cents last month, the average total value of distributed TNB so far is US$104,000 (1,600,000TNB), or approximately US$33 per winner per game. The number of participants has been kept increasing linearly, and with 100-200 users added each game on IQB App, we can expect a booming growth on their platform soon.

50ETH Jackpot, Starting from May 20th

After the great success of first two game sessions, IQB decided to launch 5 games of IQB Airdrop Live-trivia starting from 20th May, to share more benefits with their users. The total amount of jackpot of these 10 games will be 50ETH, sponsored by IQB-C itself, 5ETH Jackpot will be scheduled in each game. “Life is a game. Money is how we keep Score.”

“Recently the market has experienced fluctuation again, by offering jackpots composed with ETH, jackpot rewards with more stable value can be gained by all investors”, as they told us.

6 Blockchain Quizzes, 2 Customized by Sponsors

Being one of the most popular ways of marketing in Blockchain industry, airdrop has always attracted handful of investors within a short period of time. By completing very easy tasks, investors will get free tokens from crypto projects.

With only 15-20 minutes live-trivia game on IQB App, audiences can share handsome jackpot by answering 6 questions right. 4 of them are about general Blockchain knowledge, and the last two questions are asked by sponsors.

Easy questions with rich jackpot, just like their live-hosts have always been saying: What are you waiting for? Get your IQB App before May 20th, participate airdrop live-trivia game and win some tokens back to get your wallet fatter! Download IQB App now from App Store  and Google Play Store. Want to know how to play the game, and what are the rules of playing?  Check out introduction with this link:

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