IQB Enables the Functionality of Supporting Bilingual English-Chinese Airdrop Questions on IQB App, to Benefit All Chinese-speaking Users

Place/Date: - June 13th, 2018 at 9:21 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: IQB

As the first landing App of IQB-C, as well as the first-ever Blockchain live-trivia airdrop platform in this industry, IQB App aims at offering the most creative, reliable and efficient marketing resolutions to blockchain projects with Blockchain Technologies, Airdrop Welfare and Live-trivia Entertainment & Game.

By delivering cost-efficient and transparent advertisement services, IQB App is defeating traditional blockchain marketing platforms without doubts.

Bilingual Questions for Both English and Chinese Speaking Users

As an international platform, four languages are supported on IQB App including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. But during the past 21 games, the airdrop questions were displayed and read in English only.

Non-English users were in fact facing more difficulties than English speakers. After the finishing of user survey of IQB App, IQB decided to add simplified Chinese as another supported language for airdrop questions displayed on screen, to meet the requirements of current App users of IQB App.

Due to the changes of IQB App, the Chinese-speaking users are able to participate by reading questions written in Chinese, even though the live-host are still hosting the game by speaking English. This can already be a really good news for all Chinese-speaking users.

35ETH Jackpot for the 5th Session of IQB Live-trivia Airdrop game

IQB team has hold 22 games including the one on June 13, which means since its first launch on April 23rd, IQB App has been operating for more than one and half months. 3 kinds of cryptocurrencies were distributed so far, such as TNB, CDC and ETH. The participants of IQB APP have been kept increasing along with the spreading of its well-build reputations.

As a result of that, the total download of IQB App has exceeded 10,000.

For the fifth session of IQB Live-trivia Airdrop on IQB App, 1 game has been held so far with 5ETH distributed to 338 winners. There are 30ETH remained for the coming 4 games, that will be held on June 13th, June 15th, June 17th and June 19th this month.

With the newly updated functionality of bilingual question display feature of IQB App, guess more Chinese-speaking users will be attracted and become a member of IQB community.

Become a Member of IQB Community!

As the growing of IQB community, and its kept upgrading along its development, IQB App is becoming a more matured project based on the hard-working of IQB team. Due to the change of supported language, IQB team has updated IQB App for both Android and IOS users, and they are available on App Store and Google Play Store now. IQB App can also be downloaded from their official website.