IUNGO Global WiFi Networks is About to Disrupt the Old Standards

Place/Date: Lithuania - December 1st, 2017 at 6:01 am UTC · 5 min read
Source: IUNGO

Currently there are various ICOs and there are influential innovative enterprises that seem to start shaping our world. One of such might just be IUNGO the company developing a global Wi-Fi network that is already functioning in several global destinations.

IUNGO is developing an open source Wi-Fi network solution for businesses of any scale to get additional source of income and provide effortless internet access to their customers. These are rather decent reasons to get interested. Even more interestingly – all this convenience oriented solution will change how we percept Wi-Fi network. IUNGO will enable safe, fast and reliable internet access all around the world. Everywhere you walk of fly basically.

Leading executives believe in IUNGO

The idea of this project has been brought to light a couple of years ago. Since then many different stages has been passed to develop working hardware solutions and the right business model.

One of the most appealing aspects of the project is high level of support by well-known entrepreneurs and executives of leading global enterprises. Dylan Sharkley is one of them. The former head of sales solutions of Linkedin Dylan has joined IUNGO as a senior advisor and experienced executive of business development.

„I heard about this project from Ricardas (the CEO and a co-founder of IUNGO) and it was an immediate YES when he asked if I would like to take part in it. The concept beyond the business model is promising as there is any global leader specifically in the industry of network providers. The idea to share internet access and get some additional income for small business is great – it’s simple and promising. It is quite usual to get free Wi-Fi connection everywhere you go in the big cities, however, when we speak about distant holiday resorts and remote locations it is another story. IUNGO will definitely become a winning solution to serve both – local service providers and their customers.“ – says Dylan Sharkley, senior adviser of IUNGO.

IUNGO is simple to use

IUNGO – simple yet innovative and convenient global network access provider. Let’s get into more details of how it works.

IUNGO operate over the already developed hardware using a simple Plug & Play principle to share the broadband connection. Ordinary Wi-Fi routers as well as professional hardware are equally acceptable to provide IUNGO internet sharing service. It is entirely up to the businesses to decide about their connection coverage and pricing. The service could either be free or paid by users who wish to connect to the network.

While in the big cities it will be most common to come across free access points, however, it will be a great alternative to high cost internet providers in more secluded and remote regions.

One important aspect is that every user will set the maximum desirable price they wish to spend on the internet connections.

The benefits to frequent travelers and tourists

Frequent travelers might find current internet situation highly inconvenient when it comes to visiting different airports for connecting flights or other less urbanized locations like hotels, beach cafes and skiing resorts somewhere further away from civilization. Every single one of them might have certain access to their network, however, it will require to login, share your personal details and do other things that you might not find too desirable.

Using IUNGO will enable you to connect to all global locations automatically. It will simply provide comfort of the seamless interconnection between the IUNGO stations. There will be no need to login every time or to be afraid of data security.

For better understanding of this concept imagine yourself traveling from Heathrow airport in London where you would be able to connect to this global network one day. You board the plane, take off and then land at JFK New York to change for a connecting flight. On your way to the lounge you phone is automatically connecting to IUNGO and there you have it with zero effort. All this applies exactly the same when you land to your final destination in Hawaii where IUNGO will provide all the necessary internet access in all urban locations. This is a very basic example of how the network works. You can apply this logic to any global location from London to Nairobi.

Successful pre-ICO

IUNGO has successfully accomplished the first step which was the pre-ICO campaign. 1,3 million ING tokens have already been sold which enabled the company to successfully pursue their goals – improve their MVP as well as fund the ICO campaign for even better result.

The pre-ICO campaign was a great testing ground to see whether the idea is approved by general ICO crowd as well as investors. It proved to be feasible and therefore will be developed at much faster pace.

ICO is days from starting

In the first round up to 16 million ING tokens will be offered for sale with 50% discount. The tokens will enable their holders to absolutely eliminate inconvenience of international roaming charges, bothering login forms and passwords. There are many more benefits which could be found in IUNGO whitepaper.

There will be up to 100 million ING tokens in total and 64 million will be sold to investors during the ICO.

ING tokens will be based on ERC20 standard and will create a closed loop of incentives between hosts and users in their closed utility oriented ecosystem.

IUNGO starts the ICO first round at 6th of December.