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Jam City Launches New NFT Gaming Project and Blockchain Division

UTC by Tolu Ajiboye · 3 min read
Jam City Launches New NFT Gaming Project and Blockchain Division
Photo: Champions: Ascension / Instagram

Popular video game developer Jam City recently disclosed plans to take its blockchain ambitions to the next level using NFTs.

Leading mobile game maker Jam City recently announced the launch of a new blockchain division in order to leverage NFT games. Along with the launch, Jam City is also debuting its first NFT game titled Champions: Ascension. The game is a next-generation, fantasy adventure offering set in a player-driven universe developed exclusively for Web3.

Jam City says it will release a limited collection of 10,000 NFTs called Prime Eternals ahead of the game. This will begin with a whitelist private sale that users will require interested participants to register.

Co-founder and chief executive officer at Jam City, Chris DeWolfe, weighed in on the recent development. According to him:

“With Champions: Ascension, the team has created iconic characters called ‘Champions’ that players and collectors will want to get their hands on and own for decades to come. Web3 gives us the opportunity to incorporate player input, direct ownership of the characters, and ultimately player agency that is not currently possible with standard game technology.”

DeWolfe concluded by affirming Jam City’s long-term commitment to the Web3 space, starting with the new game.

Jam City is Part of a Broader Trend of Gaming Companies Looking to Leverage Blockchain

Jam City’s move marks a growing trend among several other gaming companies – including Com2Us, Zynga, and French giant Ubisoft – looking to tap into Web3 and blockchain. Renowned gaming developers including Will Wright, and Peter Molyneux, are also venturing into NFT games. All this is happening amid several startups jockeying for a sizable stake in the future of decentralized gaming. This sector has essentially evolved into a multi-billion-dollar marketplace.

Jam City, which has a rich history of fostering appealing and highly engaging communities via social mobile games, is taking advantage of an opportunity with this new offering. Part of this entails the bestowment of direct character-ownership, among other perks, on players within the NFT gaming space. As DeWolfe put it:

 “We believe NFTs have been interesting and, to a certain degree, maybe overhyped, but where they’re really going to shine is where they can be plugged into an environment where there’s utility for the NFTs. And so fundamentally, we think that there is going to be a user behavior change. It’s happening right now, where folks want more control over their web experiences, their computer experiences.”

In Champions: Ascension, players engage in a series of engrossing, strategic, and high-stakes decision-making missions. This sees them get the better of opponents through intense gladiatorial battles. Additionally, players also become privy to a wide range of options that allow them to level up skills and weaponry.

Despite the relatively short success of NFT and blockchain gaming, there are some growing concerns over the potential pitfalls. For instance, some projects such as Stalker 2 of GSC Game World have irked gamers over certain aspects. Worries include scams, money laundering, environmental impact, and a more focused money-earning orientation over gameplay.

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