Despite His ‘Illness’ Justin Sun Shows Up at the Bittorrent Party in San Francisco

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Despite His ‘Illness’ Justin Sun Shows Up at the Bittorrent Party in San Francisco
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After TRON’s CEO Justin Sun postponed his charity lunch with Warren Buffett due to his kidney stones, lot of his followers now doubt the real reasons. Sun had been caught up partying with youtubers in San Francisco just a day after.

Last few days media are full of TRON’s CEO Justin Sun postponing a charity lunch with Warren Buffet due to his “kidney stones”. After that happened, the TRX price went down pretty badly what caused a lot of followers and investors to go raging.

However, yesterday Sun published a pretty long apologizing text saying he is really ashamed for his over-marketing and because of his “immature words, behavior, youth, and vigor”, he spoke without thinking twice. He said that he forgot that he was a public figure and now regrets the whole process.

Be it as it may, it seemed that the TRON community forgave this “young fella” his thoughtlessness and TRX started to recover. However, we’re not sure anymore if it was actually Sun who wrote the apologizing letter or someone from his PR because yesterday he has been seen partying with influencers at a TRON-organized party on Thursday night in San Francisco.

Ok, let’s just say that young body heals fast but is it possible that Sun forgot everything he had allegedly written about reducing his vocalizations on Weibo, reducing the media interviews, and translating all the research and development from marketing hype to true blockchain technology and here he is, smiling on Twitter as nothing had happened.

After-party, however, happened together with ten YouTubers that came to San Francisco for Tron Influencer Day and to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent.

Nevertheless, crypto Twitter went crazy – from those who are accusing Sun of lying to those who are worried about what will happen to TRX next.

BitTorrent founder and current Chia CEO Bram Cohen seemed worried tweeting:

Some answered that it has been paid on the 11th as per normal and Cohen said that “he doesn’t have the f*** money and the escrow agency says they haven’t gotten signoff.”

Somebody answered that if it’s in escrow – the deal is done:

In follow-up messages, Cohen implied that Sun is trying to get the cashback out of escrow—a claim which Sun and the Tron Foundation denied. Sun said:

“I totally understand he wants his money, but right now it has nothing to do with me.”

Cliff Edwards, the Tron Foundation’s director of global communications, explained:

“Justin signed the release on Monday, and disbursements are now in the lawyers’ hands. As you know with escrow, there’s no way for Justin to claw money back out of it, unless there was a legal reason to do so.”

What is really happening, it’s hard to tell. However one of the options could be that amid the U.S. – China Trade War, the Chinese government might have thought that it is meaningless and even preposterous to pay $4.6 for a lunch with an American Citizen, no matter how big of a millionaire he is.

Also, let’s not forget that China had forbidden cryptocurrency trading on its territory so it’s easy to say that they are not really benevolent to this whole story. It’s possible therefore that the government urged Sun to cancel this lunch and think of another excuse.

At the time of writing TRON price fell to 12th spot by market cap that is now $ 1,516,239,077. It fell 3.76% to $0.022733.

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