K-Pop Group tripleS Launches Album with Blockchain Voting Aid

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K-Pop Group tripleS Launches Album with Blockchain Voting Aid
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The voting process on Modhaus saw a total of approximately 57,340 COMO tokens committed to the democratic process.

The South Korean pop (K-pop) culture group tripleS has launched its latest album “Assemble” drawing significant participation from its community. The Pop Group consists of 24 members whose fame in the K-pop world has started rising.

According to a Press Release shared with Coinspeaker, tripleS’s new album launch featured just 10 out of its 24 members. These featured artists in Assemble are the 10 revealed thus far and they include: SeoYeon Yoon, HyeRin Jeong, JiWoo Lee, ChaeYeon Kim, YooYeon Kim, SooMin Kim, NaKyoung Kim, YuBin Gong, Kaede, and DaHyun Seo.

The sub-group selection of artists from tripleS to feature in the recently released album was done by fans through a blockchain-based voting process called “Gravity”. The Assemble album is in line with the group’s tradition of releasing at least a full list of tracks together once a year.

The tripleS group is a next-generation K-pop group that relies on its fan’s input in the most significant part of its activities. As far as the Assemble track is concerned, the fans were instrumental in picking the lead track. The voting process spanned December 1 to 8 of last year. The entirety of the voting process was conducted on Modhaus’ mobile application “COSMO: the Origin”.

The utilization of blockchain technology in the art and music ecosystem is growing at a very frantic pace. Using the immutable capabilities of blockchain and the ease of democratizing decisions, music groups like the tripleS are giving their fans more participatory powers than have ever been.

The embrace of the style was shown with a massive turn-up as the voting process, modeled as a tournament, was followed religiously. In the final round, Song B was chosen as the lead track of the Assemble album.

tripleS Blockchain Voting: Highlighting the New Frontier

The voting process on Modhaus saw a total of approximately 57,340 COMO tokens committed to the democratic process. The participation and the spread of the voting tokens are evident that the use of blockchain is respected for music-related innovations as much as they are for other visual art and governance features.

​​“I’m very confident about the album ASSEMBLE, especially because its title track was solely decided by the fans. This is an unprecedented case of letting the fans listen and decide on the album’s main song. tripleS and ASSEMBLE will prove that a fan-centered system is the future of entertainment,” said Modhaus CEO Jaden Jeong.

Besides the direct embrace of blockchain voting systems, the stars in the tripleS group also joined a Modhaus live hangout on Discord on January 30 to February 6. This is a rare gesture to connect with the community, becoming the first K-pop group to appear live on Discord. Riding on the success of its most recent ventures, both Modhaus and the tripleS team are committed to exploring further community-centered activities.

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