Kattana Is Helping Users Improve Their DeFi Trading Strategies with One-Stop Terminal

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Kattana Is Helping Users Improve Their DeFi Trading Strategies with One-Stop Terminal
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Traders choose Kattana because it offers a trading panel with both market and limit orders from a single terminal.

Kattana is a multifunctional terminal that allows users to refine their DeFi trading strategies on DEXs by aggregating all trading tools on one platform. Their terminal is greatly improving their users’ experience by bringing them closer to these tools through a one-stop-shop approach.

Kattana plays the key role of being crypto’s ultimate and all-in-one trading terminal because other than providing trading strategy automation, they also offer portfolio management, technical analysis, among other features.

An Unmatched DeFi Terminal for Traders by Traders

Being a platform built by traders, Kattana went to their level and inquired what makes a platform stand out, and the answer is the availability of crypto-trading tools. With this in mind, the developers focused on what would bring traders profit when all the trading tools they needed were put in one platform.

Kattana is helping DeFi traders to improve their trading strategies by bringing the CEX trading standards into the DEX environment. Kattana boasts of unmatched TA instruments and charting that allows crypto-traders to stay ahead of their competitors. They have tweaked their trading functionality to meet the needs of today’s agile DeFi traders, with their first-of-its-kind features in the space thanks to the Kattana team ingenuity.

Their portfolio management feature helps traders keep track of all their assets spread out across multiple platforms from one place. Kattana also aggregates news from numerous sources to help their clients to easily access relevant and up to date information about the crypto market.

Kattana is taking a trader-centered approach to ensure their users’ needs are always met. They are integrated with and support trading on the top crypto exchanges, both CEXs and DEXs, to ensure the preferences of their users are always prioritized. They support trading on CEXs like Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Kraken, and Bitfinex as well as DEXs like Uniswap, 1inch and Paraswap among others. This ensures that whichever platform they are on, a trader feels safe with and can rely on Kattana to provide them with their state-of-the-art tools.

Effective Trading Charts and Graphs

What Kattana does to ensure its users reap the best rewards that the DeFi scene can offer, is that they tailor their terminal as per the needs of these users. Traders are always after instruments that give them an edge over the market. These instruments help a trader make better trading decisions that ensure one generates the best results depending on the prevailing market conditions.

Kattana offers free scalable trading charts, another of its firsts in the crypto space features. Both pro and novice traders get a chance to follow up to 8 charts for assets traded on more than 40 DEXs, and this comes in one tab. Graphs from both DEXs and CEXs at the traders’ fingertips ensure that they grasp a piece of both sides of the crypto markets.

Solving Crypto-Trading UX/UI Issues

With Kattana, one is assured of the best and simplest UI and UX. It is through the feedback gathered for more than 3 years, as the project started back in November 2018, that Kattana’s team got to create the best and most professional trading interface in the crypto-trading industry. This has helped them develop the ideal trading platform for just about anyone to join due to its simplicity to use and easy access to the crypto market. In addition, by investing in a professional user interface design, Kattana is keen on providing traders access to interesting assets and exciting opportunities arising in the crypto space.

Securing a Trader’s Secrets

Kattana is aware of how the crypto-trading scene is filled with fraudulent individuals that target crypto assets from novice and seasoned traders alike. With this in mind, they have invested in top-notch security, above and beyond what other crypto-trading platforms have installed.

A trader’s exchange deposits are safe and sound since their API keys are only stored on their devices. These API are only sent to the Kattana servers using an encrypted channel only for the duration of the trading session. When a trader ends their trading session, Kattana immediately revokes them from their servers. Investing in security for traders and their investors builds confidence in Kattana because a trader’s only hope is that they do not lose their assets fraudulently.

Kattana: Promoting Effective Trading

Traders also choose Kattana because it offers a trading panel with both market and limit orders from a single terminal. One gets to trade right from within the platform because with Kattana, one is not tasked with finding DEXs where assets are traded or contract addresses. A trader just has to select the buy or sell option, order type, and start trading.

Kattana is forging forwards towards becoming a DeFi powerhouse because its sophisticated tools bring in a comprehensive trading approach that is transforming the crypto scene. They offer trading analysis of ERC-20 addresses in a manner where traders are encouraged to correct their errors or keep up with their winning strategies. The transactions in a trader’s wallet no longer remain a black box to them. Kattana calculates their profits and losses of all their transactions, and generates a profitability chart for them. This chart structures all transactions as trades and traders can review it to assess where they went wrong or what they can deem as their winning strategies.

In summary, Kattana is transforming the trading experiences by allowing new possibilities in the DeFi sphere. The platform’s simplicity, professionalism, and security are the critical features that make Kattana appealing to any trader who is ready to upgrade their trading strategies.

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