Kattana and Tron Have Common Mission

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Kattana and Tron Have Common Mission
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The world is becoming a lot more decentralized and equitable. And both Tron and Kattana are playing their part in that process.

Kattana joining Tron’s hackathon is no coincidence. The two projects share a lot of the same values and a similar mission.

Tron’s mission is to “Decentralize the web” – and Kattana is fully onboard with that! Kattana is part of the DeXe ecosystem that is doing just that. Naturally, Kattana’s focus is on trading because that is an obvious and powerful proof of how the web can be centralized.

Eventually, social networks, communication, collaboration, information sharing and creation, and many other aspects of the web will become truly decentralized. But for the mainstream (users, media, businesses, and governments) to buy into this decentralization as a reality and not just talk, crypto projects need to answer the old question of “Show me the money!”

Once traders, finance companies, and governments see that trading can be more profitable, more secure, and more democratic with Web3 approaches, it will open their eyes up to other ways of decentralizing the web. Whether we like it or not, money talks.

This is why, since Day 1, Kattana’s been creating a trading terminal that not only brings all of the professional trading functionality to DeFi (often cheaper or for free) but also opens up new opportunities and tools not possible in traditional finance. It’s an easy way to show that Web3 is better – one trading win at a time, one better user experience at a time.

Tron has been contributing greatly to the decentralization of the web by creating a network with lightning-fast transactions, very low fees, and serious scalability. It’s creating an ecosystem of projects that take pieces of Web2 to Web3, paving the way for Web2 to become obsolete as Web3 solutions are safer, more flexible, and more rewarding to everyone involved. The alignment of incentives is a major motivator, and those of Kattana and Tron are aligned in the best way.

Tron prides itself on having high throughput, high scalability, and high availability. Again, these are traits shared by Kattana. The team at Kattana thoroughly studies many CEXs and DEXs on various blockchains to find ways of helping traders execute on their strategies at any scale without lag on their transactions. Uninterrupted uptime and a wide selection of exchanges are a cornerstone of Kattana’s mode of operation. All of that rests on state-of-the-art infrastructure and security. Both Tron and Kattana teams spent long hours developing and testing systems that make Web3 as easy if not easier for the end user as Web2.

The world is becoming a lot more decentralized and equitable. And both Tron and Kattana are playing their part in that process. In this upcoming hackathon, the two will join forces for the greater good of Web3 and everyone building it.

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