New Operator KawBet Offers Private and Premium Betting Experience

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by Kseniia Klichova · 3 min read
New Operator KawBet Offers Private and Premium Betting Experience
Photo: KawBet

KawBet is a place to have fun, to feel safe and to enjoy crypto online gaming with confidence.

As the average online consumer becomes increasingly concerned about privacy,  KawBet provides a market solution for those interested in an anonymous bitcoin casino and sports betting platform.

For starters, KawBet makes it to where client information is never at risk because it never requires it from its users. Users in eligible countries do not need KYC or ID to play, which means users are 100% safe.

This also makes account creation speedy as there is less information required to submit before one can start playing.

And speaking about speed, deposits and withdrawals are just as quick. Both deposits and withdrawals of earnings are not only fast but reliable. Users can expect their money to be reflected in their account or in their wallet consistently within 5 minutes.

Speaking of earnings, users can really win big on KawBet, as the platform offers some of the highest odds available today. And like other cryptocurrency-based betting platforms, KawBet is provably fair so you know that you stand a real chance of winning big.

And while of course the expected cryptos of BTC and ETH are supported, KawBet offers their rapid processing of funds for 25 different cryptocurrencies and fiat, catering to a wide range of users.

Speed and efficiency are a central pillar of what makes the Curacao based operator stand out in the competitive betting market. This extends into their customer support as well, with a jaw-dropping response time average of only 1 minute.

The over 100 employees working for KawBet ensure that help is never too far away, and all cases are used to ensure the platform is always evolving to keep customers happy.

Not only are cases monitored and updated, but games and other events are recorded around the clock as well. Client feedback is taken seriously and has heavyweight when it comes to considering what new games or events are introduced onto KawBet.

Lucrative Affiliate Program

Users that love KawBet’s platform are going to naturally share it with their friends – KawBet’s affiliate program only sweetens the pot. Users can earn up to 40% from direct referrals, which should help keep the platform growing and becoming more refined over time.

This rate is consistent with or better than other top cryptocurrency casinos and sports betting sites within the sphere, further showing KawBet’s commitment to be one of, if not the best, betting site for cryptocurrency users.

Affiliates are given personal marketing tools as well, which should help leverage the efforts of those who are trying to earn a substantial source of passive income from the program.

Payments are made promptly on a weekly basis and will be paid out using BTC. While the platform supports multiple cryptos to use for betting, keeping it BTC only ensures that affiliate tracking remains consistent and free of human error as much as possible. 

Users can also ensure that they are getting the maximum of their earnings if it remains in BTC, as there might be exchange fees when it comes to getting earnings in another currency.

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