Keeping Your Funds Safe: Crypto vs Traditional Banking

July 12th, 2018 at 10:00 am UTC · 3 min read

Today’s valuables can be condensed into either paper gold (Fiat) or digital gold (crypto). The personal responsibility required when dealing with both types of funds varies.

With Fiat, one must give the ultimate control to the banks, in exchange for the safe-keeping of your funds. Even at that, one still has to sleep with one eye open. Incidences of theft, robberies, fire outbreaks and myriad other events occasioning loss have been known to render people who pitched their tent with traditional banking, penniless.

With crypto, the degree of responsibility for safe-keeping of funds depends on where these funds are stored. Online wallets which happen to be the most commonly used, are not the safest option, thanks to cyber threats.

On the bright side, crypto wallets like Safe T mini, a hardware wallet, does all the leg work for you and keeps your funds safe and secure for eternity, while the owner retains absolute control. Below are reasons why keeping one’s crypto funds in a Safe T mini is wise.

As earlier mentioned, online wallets are the least safe option for storing cryptos. The reason for this is obvious: it is easy for hackers to access anything connected to the internet. You could lose your login details, especially in these days of Google auto-fill. The best option is a cold wallet, preferably a hardware wallet. Only a hardware wallet like Safe T will keep you out of reach of the nefarious hackers.

Can you still remember the first time you read something about cryptocurrency? After the first sentence, you were probably convinced the article was written in code. Of course, that did not even mentally prepare you for the lengthy process of setting up your first wallet.

The Safe T mini has been designed for everyone to safeguard their crypto funds in just a few simple steps. Whether you’re wanting to get a first foot into the crypto world, or you’re a Satoshi disciple, or a crypto whale, this hardware wallet from Archos is built to fit.

Basic security protocol for the Safe T mini includes a six-digit pin code, while a dedicated encrypted crypto Mem (Secured EEprom) gives it a deeper level of security.

As a result, all transactions must be validated by the hardware buttons, so no hacker will be able to modify transactions without your consent. Moreover, the hardware wallet displays each transaction in its entirety.

For maximum protection of your crypto funds, you can store your cryptographic private keys offline via your Safe T mini hardware wallet. In addition, your recovery pass phrase means you will be able to recover your crypto funds even in the event of losing or breaking your hardware wallet.

Now you can HODL with abandon as the Safe T Mini hardware wallet supports not less than 75% of coins found on Coin MarketCap. And the best part? Even ERC2O compliant tokens are supported by the wallet.

The Archos project has created a product that will keep your crypto funds Safe to the T. Letting you experience the true definition of peace of mind. Now, you can sleep with both eyes closed.

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