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Kelsey Eiben, a Rising Star at LGND Music

UTC by Kseniia Klichova · 2 min read
Kelsey Eiben, a Rising Star at LGND Music
Photo: LGND Music

LGND Music is proud to announce the appointment of Kelsey Eiben as Marketing Director.

Kelsey brings with her a wealth of experience in developing digital marketing strategies, having worked with over 30 brands throughout her career. Her expertise in advertising, marketing and public relations will be a valuable asset to the team as LGND Music continues to grow and expand its reach.

Kelsey has a proven track record in delivering measurable results for companies across a range of industries, including the Disneyland® Resort. She has a unique skillset that will allow her to develop innovative marketing strategies and promotional campaigns that will drive engagement and help LGND Music connect with its target audience.

As a rising star in the marketing industry, Kelsey will play an integral role in shaping the future direction of LGND Music. With her creative approach and ability to develop custom digital marketing strategies, she will help to continue building the LGND Music brand and increase it’s visibility in the market. Additionally, Kelsey’s experience in public relations will ensure that the company is well-positioned to engage with key stakeholders and build strong relationships with media outlets.

At LGND Music, Kelsey will be responsible for leading the marketing team and developing strategies that drive growth, engagement and customer acquisition. With her strong background in digital marketing and her ability to deliver measurable results, Kelsey will help to ensure that LGND Music continues to be at the forefront of the industry, providing innovative solutions that connect music fans with their favorite artists and music.

LGND Music CEO, Michael Rockwell, said:

“Kelsey is a rising star in the world of Web3 Music.  Highly adept at combining social and digital marketing, she deeply understands the fan journey, and is taking LGND Music to new heights.”

Kelsey’s appointment comes at a time of rapid growth for LGND Music, as the company continues to build its reputation as the leading platform for music ownership and discovery. With her passion for marketing, exceptional experience and proven track record, Kelsey is well positioned to help drive the company’s success and make a positive impact on the music industry.

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