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KexCoin Is Looking to Revolutionise the Student Housing Market

September 21st, 2017 at 5:51 am UTC · 5 min read

According to UKCISA, 440,000 international students called the UK their home the past year. Moreover, the number of post-secondary students in the UK reached 2.28 million last year. And if you think those numbers will decrease, then you are not looking at the statistics. From the legendary University of Oxford to the prestigious London School of Economics, the UK is a bastion for students. That means that young and eager people will keep looking to call UK campuses home while they pursue their academic goals.

One company is seeking to change the way student housing works by using the crypto revolution as their ally. KexCoin is a project founded by Simon Lee, a University of Hull graduate and director of Kexgill Group. The idea behind the project is quite simple: use the blockchain to raise funds and buy student property. As KexCoin states on their white paper, “Our vision is to build a new funding network through the use of the blockchain, making it available for almost anyone in the world to contribute, in any amount, large or small. Purchasing residential property offers a steady return over time. However, residential student property offers an excellent investment opportunity with much higher returns than other property sectors. It is increasingly a service led business thus the existing infrastructure and experience the stakeholders have is essential. The ICO of KexCoin will be used to purchase residential student property and redistribute profits through a return to the initial participant likely at an increased coin value.”

It is a brilliant idea that demonstrates the disruptive nature of the blockchain. Additionally, it is also the first project of its kind. That makes the idea even more enticing. However, before someone thinks that there is little chance for this idea to take off, it is important that their backer be mentioned. The Kexgill Group is the driving force behind KexCoin. For those who do not know this company, the Kexgill Group is an ANUK registered company with decades of experience in the student housing market. Furthermore, the company has partnerships and is located to provide accommodation with the following universities:

  • Leeds
  • Nottingham Trent
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Liverpool John Moores
  • Liverpool Hope
  • Hull
  • Bradford
  • Leeds Trinity
  • Salford
  • Teesside
  • Leeds Beckett
  • Durham,
  • Nottingham

And their reach does not end there. The Kexgill Group also has properties in Germany as well and has a plethora of awards. Between it accolades it has the Estates Gazette Specialist Company of the Year 2015, and it is a finalist for the RESI Awards 2017 Student Accommodation Operator of the Year and the RESI Awards 2017 Landlord of the Year (Privately Owned). So this is the company you want to have as your backup when trying to revolutionised the student housing market in any country. Their leadership and experience guarantees that all the money invested will be spent in the acquisition of properties instead of overhead cost.

Obviously, just talking about the company behind the coin is not reason enough to invest in any new business. Simon Lee and his associates knew this when creating the KexCoin white paper and business model. The way the system will work is quite brilliant. KexCoin will be a user issued asset setup on the BitShares network. The ICO will supply 85% of all the KexCoins (ticker: KEX) or 8,500,000 tokens to any willing participant. Once a participant buys KEX, their coins will be linked to the performance of the housings that were bought with the process of the ICO. Because these properties will be rented to students, there will be a constant stream of profit being generated to all token holders.

Here is the part where KexCoin is extraordinarily clever, beyond being instantly tradable, KexCoin will use 50% of net profits each quarter to purchase available tokens and burn those acquired coins. The participants that do to want to sell their tokens during this buy-back period will see the value of their KEX increase as there will be a smaller supply of KEX available.

For those who are reading this and have not yet understood the brilliance behind this move, it can be explained with a simple example. Bitcoin’s volatility is due to pure market speculation. There is no way to guarantee that the value will keep rising because no real market forces guarantee an increase in value. KexCoin in the meantime will always keep gaining value because it will become more and more scarce as time passes with larger and larger profits from the business chasing these scarce tokens.

This is a project that is worth participating in. The constant stream of income through rent, the usage of real assets to back up their coins, the backing of a multi-award winning student housing landlord, and the reduction of supply to increase value makes KexCoin a groundbreaking solution with a solid plan and a sensible ICO.

The goal of their ICO will be to raise 21,250 BTC through the sale of their 8.5 million KEX. The price of each KEX is set at 0.0025 BTC, and the cutoff point is October 15, 2017. So the chance to get in is now. Most ICO’s revolt around the sale of virtual assets that can be easily manipulated. KexCoin is the first one that is using the housing market to generate a real source of income for their participants. That guarantees that the project will not flop and that the earnings will not be tied to speculation, but rather tried and true market practices.

If anyone is looking to participate in an ICO, this is the one. KexCoin whitepaper and contact information can be found at So do not hesitate and check their website, because the future of how we profit, and provide housing to students in a cheap, and efficient way is here. All that is left to do is pledge to KexCoin.