Key Features that OKLG Brings to Industry

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Key Features that OKLG Brings to Industry
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OKLG offers the cheapest and easiest way to airdrop the ERC-20/ERC-721 tokens and NFTs to communities.

OKLG is short for Ok.let’s.go. It is a utility-driven decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform. The features on the platform provide a set of do-it-yourself solutions which allows you to focus on your core projects in order to achieve your set business goals and objectives. It is a combo of meaningful native rewards, epic memes and cultural elements, all brought together in one place.

OKLG is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that is built on both the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has culture, community and some utility at its core. The main objective of the platform is to provide utility and service to community members based on their needs at every given moment. This is very much unlike what is obtainable with some other communities where features and development completely ignore the need of token holders and community members.

One can hardly speak of OKLG without a mention of Moontography. Moontography basically evolved into OKLG when it became clear that that was the best way to go. The following are some of the interesting features of OKLG.


OKLG offers the cheapest and easiest way to airdrop the ERC-20/ERC-721 tokens and NFTs to communities. Usually, project owners spend a lot of time worrying about scripts to run affordable airdrops. With OKLG, you have little or nothing to worry about; rather, you will have all the time to focus on your project.

Code Storage

The OKLG/Moontography platform provides a storage space for code-writers and programmers to safely keep their source codes. This functionality utilizes git to store programs and codes on the blockchain instead of the usual storage carts where they run the risk of losing them. Imagine how immutable a code can be when stored upon the blockchain.

Farming as a Service

OKLG is already making it easier for project owners to create staking programs for their communities in 5 minutes or less and of course, with few clicks. This platform supports ERC-20/ERC-721 tokens and NFTs. You are provided with what it takes to give users an easy way of being rewarded for holding your token. The good thing is that rewards can be paid out in any token you want.

File Storage

Just like the code storage feature, OKLG allows for the breaking of data into smaller units and stores them on Jupiter’s blockchain. The data can be stored across multiple chains if there’s a need for that. One can always add or fetch binary data and put them together with a simple interface.

Password Manager

OKLG has a completely decentralized version of password manager which allows one to store online account information on the blockchain which is controlled by no one. This feature works using military-grade industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption to protect information from unauthorized access.

Atomic Swap as a Service

This particular feature allows cross-chain projects to offer their holders a simple 1-to-1 swapping for their tokens across multiple chains. With the OKLG platform, setting up a bridge contract is simple and saves time. In fact, the process is just a few clicks away. 

Alpha as a Service (AaaS)

This is a new development from OKLG. Alpha as a Service is a revolutionary service that notifies community members who hold 30M $OKLG tokens when new contracts are created and liquidity is added. The goal of the AaaS is to increase equitability within the space thereby giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits associated with being an early investor. Another thing about AaaS is that it gives you room to simulate buying and selling which will help one to detect malicious contracts.

In a nutshell, the blockchain industry guarantees a whole new world of possibilities on its own. Every innovation seems to be the foundation of something novel; from Defi to the metaverse. In fact, from what we can see about OKLG, the end isn’t near yet.

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