Khipu, the Dark Horse of Blockchain Technology

June 27th, 2019 at 3:47 pm UTC · 5 min read

Since Satoshi Nakamoto first published the Bitcoin whitepaper in November 2008, blockchain technology has developed from a small-scale cryptocurrency experiment into large-scale distributed applications with millions of users worldwide.

Meanwhile, the architecture of enterprise applications has progressed from service-bearing mainframes to the parallel computing systems with large distributed clusters, providing services to billions of consumers daily — such change and progress is truly inspiring.

In terms of traditional enterprise applications, modern enterprises are expected to address complex business problems more gracefully and track market changes quickly. Thus, a trend has emerged to refactor enterprise applications using blockchain technology. As a Khipu team leader said,

“from social and economic perspectives, an enterprise-level blockchain service will allow anyone to get involved, without permissions or restrictions — this is undoubtedly a great change.”

Khipu Aims to be a Leading Blockchain Platform for Enterprise Applications

The term Khipu (also known as “Quipu”) originates from an ancient Inca method of record keeping through tying knots. Khipu’s team is one of the earliest to specialize in the development of enterprise-level parallel distributed applications, boasting over 12 years of successful development and deployment experience in this field.

Since its founding, Khipu has focused exploration on a free, open, and trusted distributed system which can be used to achieve and refactor enterprise-level applications. Khipu R&D technicians have found that, theoretically, most enterprise applications can be refactored using blockchain technology, and DDD (Domain Driven Design) is the optimal path to do so. With this in mind, Khipu’s team will work to develop a premiere enterprise blockchain and assist enterprises with migrating their applications to the Khipu platform.

Deng Caoyuan, Khipu’s founder, has reinforced a primary objective of exploring and realizing a full set of design tools and infrastructure for a blockchain future, and working with the community to build and improve a corresponding ecosystem.

Not Your Average Blockchain Project

Simply put, Khipu is the underlying technology applied to the enterprise blockchain platform. Using blockchain domain-driven design and sharding, Khipu is building a popular system for applying blockchain to the enterprise. The following points highlight some of the technical breakthroughs required for building successful enterprise-level blockchain applications.

  • Performance: As an initial goal (Khipu 0.2.0 Beta), Khipu explored the maximum capacity of a single Ethereum node. By optimizing the routine operation of these Ethereum nodes and integrating parallel execution of transactions with a custom Kesque storage engine, Khipu was able to realize better Ethereum performance.
  • Architecture: Based on the existing sharding design of Ethereum 2.0, the Merkle Tree state stored in the Beacon Chain requires further extension to be applied to generic domain entities.
  • Domain entity model: Khipu will, following the DDD “aggregation” concept, extend out support to all business objects in the way of the MPT (Merkle Patricia Tree) in the Ethereum storage status in an effort to satisfy the technical demand of enterprise applications.

The above points are more technical, but in simple terms, Khipu will provide inclusive enterprise blockchain services for everyone, across all nodes. Users will enjoy equal rights to data and services, and may operate their own nodes, while Khipu’s platform maintains data and logical consistency.

Khipu Search, an Unbiased Search Engine

In exploring a series of traditional tools as candidates for blockchain refactoring, Khipu has selected several prime use cases for their technology. Khipu Search, a distributed search engine blockchain, is the first target use case for the R&D team.

Currently, centralized search engines controlled by large corporations suffer from numerous problems, including monopolization of information sources, disclosure of private data, and biased information. The Khipu-based “Khipu Search” is designed to become the sharing platform for decentralized, point-to-point communication. Having navigated a series of problems affecting traditional search engine, Khipu Search will become a powerful search engine controlled by the people rather than a company or individual.

Khipu’s team has plans for further development of their enterprise blockchain platform, SDK, smart contract IDE, and real-time monitoring system to enable additional enterprise-grade products and services.

The Khipu Advertising Chain Maintains a Healthy Advertising Ecosystem

While providing the public with a high quality, ad-free search engine, Khipu is able to maintain operating revenue for Khipu Search through their Khipu Advertising Chain. The search engine blockchain and advertising blockchain are maintained separately to reflect their independent operation and business.

A dedicated client provides a view for both Khipu Search and the Khipu Advertising Chain, defined as the blockchain browser. Through the blockchain browser interface, users search and are presented results from the search engine chain as well as advertisements from the advertising chain.

Advertisers may, through a dApp on the advertising chain, employ the Khipu dedicated Token (KIP) to deliver ads to users. The blockchain browser not only enables distinct operation of Khipu Search and the Khipu Advertising Chain, but also maintains a source of revenue—a win-win situation for users and advertisers alike.

A Talented Technical Team with Big Plans for the Future

As the dark horse of blockchain technology in 2019, Khipu has played a crucial role in developing distributed applications and enterprise blockchain solutions. Khipu plans to complete their Ethereum enterprise platform and SDK in the second half of this year and welcome their Khipu Search prototype by the end of 2019. Formal Khipu Search testing will commence in 2020 with a public go-live planned for Q4 of the same year.

The Khipu team is confident that their expertise and dedication to the technology can help provide significant process for society as a whole. They look forward to working with a variety of blockchain practitioners to make this dream a reality in the near future.

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