KnCMiner’s Scrypt ASIC Titan to Deliver 400 MH/s, Tape-Out Imminent

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KnCMiner’s Scrypt ASIC Titan to Deliver 400 MH/s, Tape-Out Imminent
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Swedish company KnCMiner announced the tape-out of its 400 MH/s Titan scrip miners will is planned in the near future.

KnCMiner, which is based in Sweden, announced the upcoming tape-out of its Titan scrypt miner would take place in the near future. Still, the firm did not give any details about the exact date of the tape-out. The chip design was completed and it is now under production.

According to KnCMiner, it will begin shipment of Titan miners for pre-order customers in the third quarter of 2014.

The company also said that the first part of Neptune miners is scheduled to be supplied by the end of June. The exact date will be announced as soon as possible.

KnCMiner also announced a product update. The firm is now going to make scrypt miners that will deliver up to 400 MH/s, what is higher than the original capacity estimate.

In March, the Swedish company said the Titan would provide 100 MH/s, but later it said the scrypt miner would deliver 250 MH/s. The latest revision showed that Titan’s delivery will be four times higher than the original spec.

KnCMiner also created two new version of Titan scrypt miner, which will be delivered in the second batch. The new versions can be pre-ordered now at the company’s online store. Supply of the new rigs is planned to be started a month after the release of the first batch.

According to KnCMiner, the revision will not influence power consumption and thermals. The company said: “In this run, we’ve been able to upgrade the Batch Two ‘Mini’ Titan to 200 MH/s, and the ‘standard’ Titan to 400 MH/s, while still keeping power consumption and thermal disturbance as low as possible. We’ve also made great strides in noise reduction and packaging, aiming for a sturdier product altogether.”

KnCMiner has recently presented a new chip art, which will be embedded in every Titan die. The 0.16 mm KnC logo will be the company’s unique signature.

Besides KnCMiner’s announcement, Alpha Technology has recently made a revision of its Viper scrypt miner, which is expected to deliver 250 MH/s of power. At the time of the news, KnCMiner was promising that its Titan miners would deliver 250 MH/s.

A month ago, the company stated that it planned to commence Titan ASICs tape-out within the next few weeks, while the supply would begin in the second or third quarter of 2014. Taking into account that the second quarter will be finished soon and the announcement was not yet made, the tape-out is likely to take place in the third quarter. However, the company may complete the process earlier.

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