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Krew Studios Drops New Litepaper, Vows to Bridge Web3 Knowledge Gap

UTC by Julia Sakovich · 4 min read
Krew Studios Drops New Litepaper, Vows to Bridge Web3 Knowledge Gap
Photo: Krew Studios

Krew Studios started life as a regular production company, before turning its attention to the web3 world in 2021.

Web3 creative agency Krew Studios has published a new litepaper, setting out its stall as a one-stop-shop for the world of metaverses, NFTs, and DAOs.

The six-page document reads like a mini-manifesto, describing the nature of the various tentacles of the evolving Krew ecosystem. These include a full-stack marketing agency focused on bridging the gap between web2 and web3; a launchpad for homegrown projects (Krew Universe); a dedicated web3 studio providing specialist services (Krew Labs); and the platform’s very own members-only NFT, Krew Pass.

The publication of the litepaper seems timely: Google search volume for “Web3” has been steadily increasing since early March and a number of seven-figure accelerators have recently been announced, most notably Binance’s half-a-billion-dollar fund devoted to web3 startups.

A Metaverse Manifesto

Krew Studios has positioned itself as an agency committed to onboarding “artists and brands onto the blockchain whilst focusing on utility, community and longevity.”

The litepaper predicts that in the near future, a significant percentage of the world will interact, transact, earn, and entertain in the metaverse, vast interconnected digital spaces that are navigable via VR/AR headsets. This still remains one of the more promising and realistic avenues to have actionable blockchain technology used by various stakeholders.

Krew Studios can help both crypto-native and traditional businesses penetrate this expanding milieu in impactful ways. Services include technical and strategic expertise (which network is best for deploying and minting, for example) as well as creative input. With Krew Labs, the company says it can also assist projects with things like 3D modelling and Unity development, and support marketing efforts to ensure products and services are well received by crypto-savvy users.

To quote from the document, Krew’s goal is to “demystify the process of entering and establishing a presence in web3, and to maximize the many possibilities it affords creative talents who aren’t afraid to think outside the box.”

Recently, Krew Studios launched Pastel World, a fun and utility-driven NFT avatar collection. The series is composed of 8,888 generative PFPs featuring anime-like characters equipped with magical backpacks. Through future community integrations and customizations, the studio aims to make these Prophet NFTs highly desirable to hold and leverage across multiple blockchain networks.

Facebook isn’t the only web2 company looking to pivot into web3 and push mainstream blockchain adoption. But while the social media giant has the deep pockets to plunge tens of billions into the venture, most entities aren’t so lucky. Krew Studios says that its experience of blockchain gaming, NFTs, and digital art will work in favor of web2 firms contemplating a transition – and without causing them to break the bank.

Krew Who?

Krew Studios started life as a regular production company, before turning its attention to the web3 world in 2021. Founders Emily Rose Fiander and Rambino bring deep experience in working with some of the biggest artists in the world. The company employs a crack team of creative directors, marketing strategists, and NFT veterans, which the litepaper describes as a “like-minded collective who share a desire to foster innovation in the arts and to infuse the digital realm with that indefinable thing: a soul.”

As well as summarizing the duties of its creative agency, Krew uses its manifesto to discuss Mask World, a private club for art collectors featuring curated NFTs, and Krew Pass, an NFT mint that gives holders exclusive access to projects within Krew Universe.

Ownership of 1 Krew Pass entails a guaranteed whitelist, spot for all future Krew Studios projects, with pass-holders also eligible for future airdrops from these projects – several of which are busy developing metaverse/gamefi tokens.

Earlier this year, Krew Studios facilitated the genesis NFT art collection by actor and artist Jordi Mollà. Dubbed MASKS, the series was inspired by 100 hand-painted artworks which were later digitized and customized into 6,699 generative tokens. According to nftfeed, total sales volume for the collection now exceeds $1.1 million.

Krew Studios is merely the latest platform vowing to ease the transition from web2 to web3, a process that could well take several years. And while it might be the first dedicated web3 creative agency, it won’t be the last. If the slick new litepaper is anything to go by, Krew is a name we’re likely to hear a lot more as the industry matures.

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