KWN Tokens are Already in Coinomi Wallet and Developing Partnerships

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KWN Tokens are Already in Coinomi Wallet and Developing Partnerships
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Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets in our world, but until recently there were no direct rewards for knowledge owners.

At the end of 2017, the project launched a new initiative directly rewarding people for their knowledge with new Ethereum-based KNW tokens. The project was launched just a few months ago but has already attracted a lot of user interest.

The idea of rewarding people for knowledge is not new, but previously rewards for experts and other knowledge owners were limited to rankings or prospects of a profitable job in the future. The KNW Token project is going to change the game and has entered the market as a new blockchain platform. Everyone can already join a pre-ICO tokens sale to obtain new KNW cryptocurrency.

5 mln tokens have already been sold, and other crypto-market players are welcoming this new socially important project. For example, just in February the new KWN token was added to the Coinomi cryptocurrency wallet. This platform is one of the most diversified wallets with support of more than 450 assets (including currencies and blockchains).

Moreover, since its foundation in 2014, Coinomi has never been hacked-testament to the company’s security-first approach to the development of the multi-asset crypto-wallet. Now users can leverage Coinomi to exchange KNW for any other cryptocurrency, or vice versa.

The KNW project is also entering the gamification market by working together with Gaming Grids to provide users the opportunity to earn their KNW tokens within the game.

More than 5 mln monthly active users of this popular eSports service can access the project to show their knowledge and earn tokens. The unique “meta-mining” mechanism allows participating users with tokens not only when they answer questions or take part  in activities, but also for their actions in the Gaming Grids app.

Not Just ‘Money for Knowledge’ has developed a quite unique approach to collecting and monetizing people’s knowledge. It’s well-known that people actively participate in many quizzes and contests just to show off their knowledge.

So, Q&A Platform allows them to earn tokens for their direct answers on different topics. Meanwhile, there are many companies who are eager to find experts, attract opinion leaders and educate their audience for some specific topics.

According to the, their KWN token can’t be mined by hashing. There are only two ways to get the cryptocurrency: to exchange it for other tokens, or earn it showing your knowledge or answering questions.

What’s more, the project leverages multi-dimension knowledge evaluation. The systems take into account answers, replies, social activities and results in other projects to find real Knowledge Stars. This allows the company to encourage people to acquire new knowledge and providing commercial companies with valuable information for their ad and social campaigns.

The project is looking like a promising initiative to promote knowledge competition and is the first one to reward people with actual money. The ICO period ends on April 8th, so hurry-up to if you want to buy Knowledge tokens with a huge bonus.

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