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Kyrrex Launches Its Referral Partnership Program to Boost User Profitability

November 4th, 2022 at 6:58 pm UTC · 2 min read

Kyrrex Launches Its Referral Partnership Program to Boost User Profitability

The latest Kyrrex announcement includes one of the most demanded features — the referral partnership program. Each client can earn additional income by bringing new users to the platform. The Kyrrex Referral Program also lets users multiply their earnings by staking KRRX tokens.

Users can create referral links and share them with friends through personal and social media avenues. Our automated software will track all the registrations and trading operations. The level of earnings is directly connected to the number of users and their transactions on Kyrrex.

  • For clients. All referral rebates are fixed to date and automatically converted to USDT. This process secures the profit earned by using the Kyrкex Referral Program. The default commission a client receives from each referral trading transaction is 10%. This number can increase up to a maximum of 60% for clients who attract three or more active referrals and stake the KRRX token.
  • For content creators. Content creators who partner with us will earn revenue based on the number of new Kyrrex clients who used a referral link and made their first transaction. In addition, each content creator can monitor the results of their promo campaign. Please, check the Kyrrex Referral Program Terms & Conditions to get more information.

Viktor Kochetov, Founder of Kyrrex, said,

“I’m glad that Kyrrex has acquired more crucial features to become an ecosystem where each client can get everything they need. The Referral Program is just another step towards our main goal. We haven’t even made the main announcements yet, so stay tuned to get more amazing news about Kyrrex soon.”

The Referral Program is available now through various web browsers and the Kyrrex app on Google Play and App Store. Kyrrex also revealed its Tournament Service to make trading more competitive and profitable. To participate in a tournament, a user has to sign in on Kyrrex, deposit crypto, and start trading within the competition period.

Kyrrex Launches Its Referral Partnership Program to Boost User Profitability

Kyrrex possesses a Malta VFA Class 4 Licence, enabling it to provide secure and regulated cryptocurrency services worldwide. In addition, it has secured partnerships with famous MotoGP, Formula 2 and Padel athletes to make crypto accessible to everyone. This allows Kyrrex to provide services with complete confidence in safety and reliability.

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