LetsExchange Launches Its Multicurrency Exchange Platform With a Set of Features for Advanced Traders

March 2nd, 2021 at 10:17 am UTC · 2 min read

LetsExchange Launches Its Multicurrency Exchange Platform With a Set of Features for Advanced Traders
Photo: LetsExchange

This newly-launched service caters to experienced traders that leverage the volatility of cryptocurrencies to capitalize on short-term trading.

For advanced traders, the ability to buy or sell crypto quickly determines the outcome of a trade. A delay in the processing time of a transaction can be the difference between losing money and making a gain.

The LetsExchange platform has been designed with these issues in mind. The platform guarantees fast processing of all operations by waiving registration, KYC authentication, and other time-consuming authorization and confirmation procedures. When traders see the right moment to buy or sell a digital asset, they can proceed with the operation immediately.

There are no upper limits on the platform which means that pro traders are free to move large amounts of crypto without restrictions. They also have the freedom to choose between fixed and floating rates according to their trading strategy and current market conditions.

Less experienced traders should not feel excluded. The LetsExchange service offers features that are also attractive to novices. As the user interface is simple and intuitive, novice traders won’t have any problem choosing among the 210+ coins and 45,000 currency pairs the platform supports. During the exchange process, traders that feel unsure to forecast the price fluctuation of a cryptocurrency can opt for the Fixed Rates option.

What’s especially useful for traders of any experience level, LetsExchange works with multiple major crypto exchanges (Binance, Okex, KuCoin, etc.). Thanks to its proprietary SmartRate technology, the platform offers the best rate across all these exchanges and helps traders to economize time that they’d use otherwise to research the current prices on the market.

With the launch of LetsExchange, advanced and professional traders get a new option to maximize their gains using their preferred trading strategies. Also, newcomers will find the platform useful to immerse themselves in the world of crypto trading without unnecessary risk.

About LetsExchange

LetsExchange is a one-stop multicurrency exchange service free of registration, limits, and complications. It supports 210+ coins, about 45,000 currency pairs and automatically selects the best rate across all major crypto exchanges for each trade. Built by a team of crypto visionaries with 10+ years of experience in the blockchain space and fintech, LetsExchange saves users’ time at each step of a crypto swap and amplifies their trading revenue.



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