LifeTask Solves 4 Main Issues of the Modern Job Market

April 18th, 2018 at 12:58 pm UTC · 4 min read

The job industry is changing rapidly. The ongoing digitalization had shifted the landscape: there are tasks, jobs and fields that did not exist a few years back, and even those that did often require new, unique sets of skills that vary from position to position. However, the recruitment system remains the same.

At the moment, its biggest issues are ineffective and opaque headhunting and job-hunting processes, significant costs in time and money – and the privacy concerns.

First, to fill a position, the companies turn to recruitment agencies and headhunters, who screen the resumes in their database and present several possible candidates for the job. Unfortunately, this approach does not always give relevant results: based mostly on previous experience and education of the applicants, it does not consider their unique skills or competences.

In the end, there is no guarantee that the company will hire the right candidate, a truly motivated person who will bring his energy and passion to the project.

Second, the information age gives us many possibilities. Easy access to online and offline courses and educational programs allows us to learn new skills at any time, virtually anywhere. We can follow our passion and create a unique combination of experience, skills and knowledge that will allow us to fully use our potential and thrive as a person and as a professional.

But now the question arises: how can we find our dream job, a position that would be perfectly tailored for us? The candidates send or post dozens of resumes, and often do not even get a reply. Is it possible to make the application process less stressful and more efficient?

Third, another problem of the modern recruitment system is that the company and the candidate do not communicate directly. There is always a third party: an agency, a person or a website. Filling the position can take a long time and the commissions are high.

And forth, there’s the issue of information security. Recruitment agencies and websites store huge amount of sensitive data (contact and salary information, job descriptions etc.), which is usually unencrypted. A hack or a leak can seriously harm both the applicants and the companies.

LifeTask is the first decentralized competence platform for a talent driven digital job market. It aims to solve the main issues of the recruitment process, replace the outdated centralized systems and improve the situation in the current job marketplace worldwide. The main innovations are:

  • Full control of sensitive data;
  • AI based matching system;
  • The totally new approach to the job market – giving the human potential the highest value.

LifeTask uses latest, fastest blockchain technologies and smart contracts to provide high level of privacy and information security, making sure all the sensitive information is safe. It’s a peer-to-peer platform, so there are no intermediaries or unnecessary commissions.

The job seeker uses Lifetask app to post information about his competences, knowledge and experience. The companies look for specific skills and key knowledge in selectable radius. Now the jobseeker is becoming the provider; the employer is becoming a finder.

AI system uses two clouds of competences – a cloud of interests for the talent and a cloud of needs for the employers – to perform a quick, precise search and find the perfect match: the best task for the candidate and the best specialist for the task.

LifeTask platform acts as a human potential source. Now the companies can easily source the ideal employee even in high-specialized areas or fill a temporary position – at a fraction of the cost and time. The candidates get more than a job: they get a perfect job for the perfect life.

Monthly subscription for the candidate will cost between $4,90 and $9,90. When the match is found, the employer pays $24,90 to €49,90 to access the candidate’s information. Upon every access request the candidate gets a bonus of $4.90 or $9.90.

All the payments within the system are made with LifeTask tokens. Token presale starts 23rd of April, 2018 and will continue for a month, until 23rd of May.

Mainsale starts on 23rd of June and ends on 23rd of August. Max token sale cap is 700 000 LifeTask tokens. Minimum purchase volume is 0.1 ETH or equivalent, maximum purchase permitted is 30,000 ETH. Accepted currencies are ETH and BTC.

The funds raised during ICO will be used for research&development, testing, marketing and launch of the platform.