LinkTree Partners with OpenSea Marketplace to Bring New NFT Features

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LinkTree Partners with OpenSea Marketplace to Bring New NFT Features
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Linktree will allow creators to showcase their NFT collections and much more to their followers by providing an interactive link on social media platforms.

Social media link aggregator platform LinkTree is now delving into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On Tuesday, May 17, Linktree announced its partnership with the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea to launch NFT features.

Linktree will be specifically targeting creators in the Web 3.0 space allowing them to showcase their digital collectibles. Some of the interesting features from Linktree will include an NFT gallery link. Here creators can add the URL of an OpenSea collection for others to view. Besides, it will also provide creators the option of connecting to Metamask wallets.

On their NFT URL links, users can club details such as the NFTs they own as well as NFT profile pictures and background images. It will also have an interesting feature of NFT locks. This feature will allow users to lock access to certain features on their page but can only be unlocked via and NFT. Creators can lock their NFTs by implementing smart contracts.

Verified NFTs will be visible to users in a hexagonal frame on the profile picture. They will also be available in the background with a badge at the bottom of the screen. Linktree will largely depend on OpenSea and MetaMask to verify NFTs on its platform.

Linktree is also planning to have an interactive link that takes users to the OpenSea collection. When visitors hover over the LinkTree page, it will also generate a preview of the OpenSea page. Ryan Foutty, VP of Business Development at OpenSea, said:

“The new integration allows users to prominently display the work they’ve created or proudly collected, now just one click away on Linktree. We know many NFT creators and collectors already use Linktree to link to their collections on OpenSea, and we’re excited that the Linktree integration makes NFT displays that much more seamless and engaging.”

Tapping Into Web 3.0

Alex Zaccaria, CEO and Co-Founder of Linktree, said that it will serve as the first step to helping creators in a meaningful manner.

He also said that there’s a growing demand for creators to “tap into Web 3.0”. Speaking to Mashable, he added:

“Our mission at Linktree is to empower the creator community by providing new ways for users to monetise their content and work, whilst simultaneously strengthening their digital presence and growing their community. Web3 is a fast-emerging space that we are seeing creators increasingly engage with. These new features will allow creators to showcase, add utility to NFT ownership, and build a community around their NFTs.”

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