High-level Platform Liquidifty Makes a Difference in NFT Marketplaces

April 15th, 2022 at 6:51 pm UTC · 7 min read

High-level Platform Liquidifty Makes a Difference in NFT Marketplaces
Photo: Liquidifty

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the explosive growth of DeFi and NFT, the emergence of new projects, and the increase in liquidity. But it’s always difficult for active investors to find interesting projects. In the crypto space, it has become much more difficult to find really valuable NFT projects and marketplaces.

And just recently, the Liquidifty platform hosted the IDO “Drunk Robots”. And the platform announced a full SOLD OUT following the results of the IDO, which in principle is rare. But there was an even more surprising fact that the Liquidifty marketplace has nine (!!!) very cool projects for IDO and INO only in April.

Liquidifty is a marketplace based on BNB Chain. The main task of the project is to solve problems with the supply of liquidity to the NFT market. Perhaps that is why the name of the platform is like that. And these guys have the Napoleonic plans, which they are successfully implementing. Here are the projects scheduled for April only:

  • The INO of ”vEmpire: The Beginning” is scheduled for April 14th. This is a very cool and rapidly developing project with a bunch of unique P2E mechanics, which has recently joined Liquidifty and will list there their vEmpire – The Plebeian Council collection.
  • NFT-game “Widiland” will host an INO at Liquidifty on April 15th. WidiLand is a multiplayer farming game based on blockchain technology where players can earn and learn to protect the environment.
  • The INO of “CryptoTanks” – the date will be announced additionally in Liquidifty social networks. Use P2E mechanics and build unstoppable teams of tanks and conquer your enemies! Each tank has unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • The INO of NFT-game “FTribe Fighters” will be on April 20th. This is an NFT-game and the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with an immersive experience when fighting and shooting using Fighters – game characters with unique skills and upgradeable weapons and bodysuits.

High-level Platform Liquidifty Makes a Difference in NFT Marketplaces

  • The INO of Himo World NFT-game will be on April 22nd. Himo World is a match-3 deck-building NFT strategic puzzle game. It features Free-to-Play (F2P), Create-to-Earn (C2E) & Compete-to-Earn, including Rogue-like PvE & an exciting PvP with multi-tier Tournaments. The INO will take place on April 22nd.
  • The INO of NFT-game Sugar Kingdom will take place on April 25th. An unusual P2E game with arcade mechanics, where users get valuable prizes for completing various tasks.
  • The INO of “Pirates World” will be on April 29th  – a P2E game with its ecosystem aimed at the Metaverse, which offers various products within decentralized finance (DeFi) to the target audience based on the players in the NFT and gaming worlds.
  • The first NFT collection Liquid Monsters will be listed on April 26th. It is an innovative collection of #6,660 unique tokenized NFTs and is the Liquid Collectibles official NFT collection! Being liquid NFTs, Liquid Monsters offers benefits such as instant NFTs trading and passive income opportunities through yield farming. The future of NFTs is here, and it’s liquid!

In just one month, the Liquidifty platform will host more than 10 IDOs and INOs of the interesting and promising NFT-projects. There is rarely such hype in one marketplace. There are several key features that take Liquidifty to the next level compared to other marketplaces.

Firstly, consider the benefits for projects and sellers of NFT collections. Their website is insanely easy to navigate. For example, a project or seller can create a fully customized NFT collection page with banners, social media links, and a description in a few minutes. The interface is convenient not only for sellers but also for buyers, which speeds up and simplifies the interaction between a collector and a project.

The 24/7 support of the team is really surprising. They can help their users with difficult issues that they might have!

The Liquidifty team is ready to provide the users with all available assistance to support projects in any way and also to boost sales and promote a brand. Any ideas for promoting your projects, such as AMA sessions, bounty campaigns, fun community contests, and other marketing activities will be fully supported by the Liquidifty team! It’s a brain explosion!

And now it’s time to understand the benefits of Liquidifty for ordinary users. Each team of NFT projects talks about their future development in the most accessible and detailed way. And now it’s for sure that Liquidifty pays great attention to its reputation among its potential investors and already existing community. First of all, the Liquidifty team conducts a thorough review of projects. Thus, users can be sure of the safety of projects on the platform.

Liquidifty also runs various creative and marketing campaigns about which users can find out more about the projects (for example, AMA sessions, articles on Medium and social networks).

The Liquidifty team always cares about their users, that’s why they try to get the best conditions from projects on sales. Moreover, the Liquidifty team always organizes some additional and fun events including Gleam-campaign, and contests, so users can not only dive into the projects but also win some valuable prizes from them. Due to the fact that Liquidifty collects a lot of relevant audiences, users can always count on additional activities and interesting communication.

Now let’s talk about the pass system for IDO Launchpad. There are three types of passes on Liquidifty: Gas, Liquid, and Solid. Purchasing these passes gives users the opportunity to participate in the IDO of all platform projects. If you go to their website, you will see the NFT giveaways from Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Guild of Guardians, Crypto Blades, Wanaka Farm, Kryptomon, Hexarchia, Kryptomon, Metabays, Planet Sandbox, The Three Kingdoms, Zuki Moba, Scary Games, Wizardium, RoSlayers, Xpansion, Real Realm, Binary X, Animalia, Cryptobots and more to join. Also, Liquidifty passes give you the opportunity to take part in cash draws up to $2,000 and valuable Airdrops. There is no point in listing all the chips, the number of passes sold speaks for itself.

High-level Platform Liquidifty Makes a Difference in NFT Marketplaces

There will be one special event for the pass holders. Liquidifty is holding a Launchpad on April 15th, and an additional NFT drop from projects will be organized for all pass holders. To participate in the drop and have a chance to win some valuable NFT from the projects below – you will need to have a pass before 12 pm UTC on April 15th, 2022:

  • Wanaka is an NFT-game where users grow their own farm all by themselves, or cooperate with their friends in this unique, relaxing farming experience and get a valuable NFT for further trading.
  • vEmpire: The Beginning vEmpire DDAO is the world’s largest Decentralized Metaverse Investment Organization. The official vEmpire protocol incorporates different strategies to incentivize the Metaverse token staking to fund the battle against centralization. vEmpire is entirely focused on protecting decentralized technologies through the virtual property and Metaversal asset acquisition.
  • Crypto Blades is an NFT-game where you have to become the most powerful blade wielder on the blockchain. Earn $SKILL tokens by defeating enemies, winning on PVP, and staking your gains.
  • RealRealm  is a P2E game that offers various forms of battles to fit with all types of users, whether they are seeking for a Free-to-play, Play-to-feel, or  Hardcore game.

You have a chance to fly into this Launchpad, but only if you purchased the pass no later than 12 PM UTC on April 15th.

There is nothing more to add, Liquidifty impressed with its modernity and convenience for NFT sellers, large gaming projects, and ordinary buyers. The guys still have a lot of announcements, so I advise you to subscribe to their social networks: Medium, Twitter, Telegram, Discord.



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