Litecoin Blockchain All Set to Undergo Third Halving Today, Watch Out LTC Price

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Litecoin Blockchain All Set to Undergo Third Halving Today, Watch Out LTC Price
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The LTC price comes under pressure just hours before the Litecoin halving event ahead on Wednesday.

Later today on Wednesday, August 2, the Litecoin blockchain network shall undergo the much-awaited halving event and the third such event in its 12 years of history.

During a Twitter live stream last week, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee explained that the halvings in Litecoin help with mass adoption without compromising the security of the network.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin also uses a “proof-of-work” security system that involves miners using computational resources to process transactions and keep the network secure. Miners receive rewards, a mix of transaction fees and a fixed “subsidy,” which gets halved every four years (specifically, every 840,000 transaction blocks) to control the rate of new Litecoin creation.

As the Litecoin halving closes in, the social engagement around LTC has sparked up significantly. During the month of June, the LTC transactions contributed 35% of all the crypto payments in the month.

As a result, Litecoin has surged ahead and dethroned Bitcoin as the leading payment cryptocurrency. With a consistent increase in Litecoin’s trading volume, the altcoin is significantly expanding its presence in the crypto payment arena.

In the past, Litecoin’s price has shown a pattern of fluctuations leading up to halving events. There have been price rallies before halvings, followed by substantial pullbacks. Notably, the first halving event led to an 820% price rally, while the second event caused a 550% price increase. However, after these rallies, there were significant price declines.

With the third halving approaching in the crypto world, experts and analysts are closely examining its potential impact on Litecoin’s price. Santiment, a top crypto analytics platform, predicts that Litecoin holders may trade within a range of $9.5k to $950k. This optimistic outlook indicates a bullish sentiment in the market and high expectations for the upcoming event.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Under Pressure

After a strong rally back in June, the Litecoin (LTC) price has come under some selling pressure. Over the last month of July, the LTC price has been heading downwards and has been heading to $90. On-chain data provider Santiment explains that there’s strong trader capitulation just hours before the halving. It noted:

“Is Litecoin going through a “buy the rumor, sell the news” scenario with less than 9 hours until the 16:34 UTC halving? Social dominance has predictably jumped with many showing panic signs. Patience through the $LTC volatility is proving to be tough.”

Litecoin Blockchain All Set to Undergo Third Halving Today, Watch Out LTC Price

Photo: Santiment

Currently, LTC is trading right between the supply and demand zones.

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