Litecoin Signs Partnership with to Allow You Save 40% on Bookings

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Litecoin Signs Partnership with to Allow You Save 40% on Bookings
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Litecoin Foundation has established a strategic partnership with, a blockchain-powered hotel booking platform, to boost the use of cryptocurrency payments.

Litecoin is definitely one of the most active coins in the aspect of moving towards mainstream adoption. Just recently it has been revealed that Litecoin Foundation has taken a decision to enter in a strategic partnership with, the leading blockchain-based hotel booking platform.

Owing to such an initiative, Litecoin will get a new use case that is believed to accelerate the use of cryptocurrency payments on the platform and will boost the development of the digital economy in general.

The partnership starts with #TravelWithLitecoin campaign that is aimed at providing users with an opportunity to save up to 40% on hotel bookings via and Litecoin’s LoafWallet.

The #TravelWithLitecoin campaign’s idea is similar to #PayWithLitecoin as it encourages the community to use LTC as a form of everyday payment when they are planning their trips. Now LTC holders can easily book their hotel stays and save their money.

It is also known that is chosen to be the official accommodation partner for the upcoming Litecoin Summit that will take place in conjunction with Evolv’s Vegas Blockchain Week in October 2019.

Speaking about their new collaboration, Matthew Luczynski, CEO and Founder of, stated:

“The consumer is in the driver seat when it comes to achieving mass-market cryptocurrency adoption, and we’re delighted to embark on this journey with the Litecoin Foundation with a unified goal: to bring the mainstream use of cryptocurrencies into everyday life.”

He further added:

“This is a proud milestone for us as we continue building out our platform to welcome those who share the same vision for the crypto economy.”

According to him, #TravelwithLitecoin is a perfect example of how the travel industry is changing in the 21st century due to the changes that take place in other spheres.

Today via users can book hotels in of over 82,000 destinations across over 210 countries and territories. As it is a blockchain-powered platform, it offers users and hotels a wide range of benefits including better-optimized booking procedure and an equitable pricing model. The range of its payment options includes such highly-demanded methods as PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin and Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation, also commented on their new partnership:

“We are excited to work with to make it easier for Litecoin users to #TravelWithLitecoin. Nothing aids mass adoption more than real-world use cases, and the opportunity to use a global currency like Litecoin to travel around the world is a powerful one.”

Litecoin Value

Litecoin, that is now the fifth-biggest coin, has managed to more than double its value year-to-date. It has shown excellent results in each of the previous four months which is its longest monthly winning streak since August 2017. Now it’s traded for $ 75.83, having gained 1.69% over the last 24 hours.

These results can be considered to be proof of the right choice of the strategy applied by Litecoin Foundation. It is also said that with a view to controlling inflation, in August the organization will conduct a mining reward halving which will also take place automatically after every 840,000 blocks (roughly once in four years).

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