From Selling CDs to Crypto King: A Look at OpenLedger’s Founder Ronny Boesing

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read

Being a decentralized exchange built on BitShares technology, OpenLedger offers its users unique trading and investing opportunities.

Danish blockchain pioneer Ronny Boesing started with selling CDs and then proceeded with opening a cryptocurrency exchange that averages $5 million daily in trade volume.

Launched into the Danish market in 2014, OpenLedger’s decentralized exchange service has now accounted for over $300 million worth of cryptocurrencies being traded with the mainstream cryptocurrency explosion of 2017 accounting for $5 million daily trading volume.

The popular exchange allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and LTC for USD, GBP, or the Danish Krone.

Building a Trust Network

Ronny Boesin sees a tremendous future for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, one that involves the disruption of global industries. This future is what OpenLedger is set to facilitate by following in the steps of tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon in delivering innovative solutions for the market.

Ronny aims to make the platform one of the leading exchange service in the world within the next five years and is currently striving towards possible partnerships with merchant service giants; Amazon and Alibaba.

Deloitte Digital residential expert in digital transformation, Rasmus Winther Moelbjerg believed that trust among users and strategic partnership will be crucial to achieving this five-year business plan for OpenLedger.

For the company to further its market penetration, trust and credible partnerships must be created to not only improve the platform’s visibility, but also address the liquidity problems plaguing the current exchange system. Anticipating this, OpenLedger exchange was built and developed on Bitshare’s Blockchain revolutionary MIT Graphene Toolkit Technology. The blockchain is a part of the platform’s long-term investment strategy due to the inexhaustible possibilities it facilitates via the secure immutability of exchange and decentralization.

Unique Hedging Opportunities

Due to utilizing of the Bitshares network and the OpenLedger crypto gateways users are able not to store their digital assets on their own devices, rather they can exchange their crypto holdings into one of the numerous stable coins or BTS for a unique hedging opportunity store their virtual currencies securely.

A Supportive Ecosystem

OpenLedger is powered by its own cryptocurrency, OBITS, issued on Bitshare blockchain over 2 years ago. The unique currency serves as a  token, reward and a voucher. The token can be used for a myriad of services on the network including payment for certain services, products, or passive income through holding it.

OpenLedger has also been gradually buying back and reducing the total circulating supply of the token. Over $2 million has been spent on the reduction of OBITS. The platform is also offering an ITO solution, starting with Karma, a worldwide cross-border p2p loans ecosystem.

OpenLedger’s ITO support includes the marketing and distribution of tokens. Starting January 11th, Karma tokens went now live on the platform’s market.

OpenLedger’s markets are now opened for trading on in BTC or any other listed cryptos like DOGE, STEEM, DASH, EOS, and OBITS, or stable coins like bitCNY, btUSD or BTS.

A New Horizon

GetGame platform, a game investment portal connecting game developers to global investors on the blockchain, is the latest venture of the OpenLedger’s founder. The platform aims to place game development squarely on the map of investors, offering an all-inclusive incubator platform.

GetGame platform will also provide developers with options for taking collateral supported investment opportunities. The platform is the first step towards creating a unified platform offering rich experiences for the crypto market.

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