These Industries Will be the Biggest Beneficiaries of Blockchain Potentials

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These Industries Will be the Biggest Beneficiaries of Blockchain Potentials
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Check our list of the industries that might be the biggest winners of blockchain potentials as well as the key technology-based projects that contribute to these industries’ growth.

We live in a dynamic world, a world that constantly changes as a result of man’s ingenuity. If we are where we are today in terms of technological advancement, the question thus goes, what will be obtainable in years to come? Of all the technologies recorded in recent times, blockchain potentials seem to be changing the narrative in measures that’s worthy of exploration. These explorations can be fusioned into the spheres of our lives that will impact the most in years to come.

The Beauty of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a cryptographic technology that offers a transparent, trustless, publicly accessible ledger that allows us to securely transfer the ownership of units of value using public key encryption and proof of work methods. In simple terms, it helps to register transactions on a digital ledger which can be validated by independent ‘actors’.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes it secure and free from autonomous control by any corporate organization or body. While the first implementation of blockchain technology is the Bitcoin network which came into limelight in 2009, the technology is being widely integrated into other industries to bolster authenticity.

Profiling Industries Blockchain Technology will Transform

As noted, blockchain technology is widely applied in a variety of industries ranging from finance to arts and from insurance to social media. The implementation of blockchain technology in an industry requires ingenuity which is redefining the tech space of today. Even though technology will permeate most industries in the near future, some will be the biggest beneficiaries. A brief highlight of some of these sectors:


Some have been inclined to liken the displacement of post officers by emails to the potentials of blockchain-powered digital currencies to displace fiat currencies. At the early stages, most countries saw Bitcoin as a threat to institutional fiat currencies based on its anonymous nature. The narrative is, however, changing today as, for example, China is now actively developing its own digital Yuan. It is only a matter of time before the entire monetary sector gets engulfed by blockchain potentials.

Health System

In recent years, active players in the health sector have been experimenting with blockchain potentials in the industry. The move has led to several thriving projects Coin MD, BurstIQ, and others. With these blockchain-inspired healthcare innovations, access to medical insurance can be guaranteed while also helping to secure patients’ health records.

Document Timestamping

As the world moves from hardcopy paper documents to digital computer-stored versions, the need to timestamp essential documents is now more imperative than ever. While it is easy for anyone to alter a database or a document when they have access, the integration of blockchain technology will make it difficult for one single person to alter any given data. The SCRIV network is a frontier for this technology and while their activities seem a bit obscured for now, the future prospects are high with blockchain technology.

Mainstream and Social Media

The presence of blockchain technology in the media world is serving many positive turning points. The first is to verify the information and to reduce the spread of fake news and also to financially empower the main contributors to a media platform. These two functions will help verify independent information obtained digitally while eliminating profiteering oligarchs in the social media world. A perfect example is Hyperledger Fabric and the Steemit social media platform.

Further notes

Blockchain technology has already caused a paradigm shift in payment systems and financial transactions around the world. With cryptocurrencies, money transfers are now generally faster and less expensive when compared to fiat money transfers across borders. Insurance companies are using blockchain technology to verify damage claims, agricultural supply chains and ports are also developing ways to integrate blockchain technology. With this trend, the biggest beneficiaries may become overtaken by those that are hardly profiled.

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