Meet LookRev: The First Blockchain-based Marketplace for Creative Products

Place/Date: United States - February 27th, 2018 at 8:16 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: LooksCoin, Source: LooksCoin

LooksCoin (LOOKS) is the digital token used on LookRev, an open network for discovering and creating new products, verifying origins of creative assets through a truly transparent blockchain system.

LookRev offers a visual interactive product design, virtual outfit and shopping network built on modern technologies. It already has more than a dozen launched applications, customers and millions of shopper usages. The network primarily concentrates on creating a winning business solution for creative product makers, designers, distributors and customers.

Using LookRev, users can create immutable and timestamped digital signatures for their creative works, watermarked onto the product images and register their creative assets on LookRev network.

Secured by the blockchain, the origin and attribution of a product remains safe, verifiable and immutable, recorded with smart contracts, encrypted and watermarked onto the product images. Upon receiving payment of a product, all parties contribute to the making, distribution and selling of the product are instantly paid at the same time, according to the terms of the smart contract.

LooksCoin is the digital token that are used as cryptocurrency, a representation of digital assets, perform transactions on LookRev platform. It is a Ethereum ERC20 token so the token is automatically compatible with any wallet, contract or exchange also using this standard.

Want to use LookRev but not share your content publicly? Want to create your own smart contract terms? Want to add toolset plug-ins for your website? You can do all of that using LookRev.

LookRev is launching a crowdsale to support the development of the platform and the expansion of the user base. The total supply is 100,000,000 LooksCoin, the price is 2,400 LooksCoin per ETH.

VIP rank is automatically granted when people purchase more than 10 ETH worth of LooksCoin using LooksCoinCrowdSale contract. VIPs enjoy premium features, earlier VIP has higher lifetime VIP rank. LooksCoinCrowdSale offers up to 20% bonus tokens for the first 100 VIPs.

LookRev provides an open network in a space traditionally impassable, builds a bridge for product creators, designers, distributors and consumers.

During a recent interview, the Founder was quoted as saying, “We believe that every person has their own unique talent and can contribute to our world in their own unique way.” She went on to say, “The purpose of LookRev is to build a winning solution for creative product makers, distributors and consumers. It brings diversity, creativity and innovation to the market.”

To find out more about this exciting ICO and what LooksCoin has to offer, visit their official website at: