Maison Group Has Created a New Trend in Cryptocurrency: Combined Real Estate, NFT and DeFi

Place/Date: - March 4th, 2022 at 1:45 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Maison Group, Source: MAISON GROUP

Maison Group Has Created a New Trend in Cryptocurrency: Combined Real Estate, NFT and DeFi

Maison Group was established in 2011. It’s a subsidiary of a real estate developer with a 10-year history. The company is located in Georgia in the city of Batumi. Maison Group one of the first to combine real estate and NFT. Georgia: a new destination for holidays, life and business. Georgia is known for its good combination of ancient culture, modern infrastructure, beautiful nature, clean environment and its famous hospitality. A favorable economic environment has been created in Georgia, which facilitates the inflow of new investment, especially in the real estate sector.The company employs over 6000 people today.

Maison Group make a history. We are one of the first to combine real estate and NFT. The optimistic forecast is 1000% + investment income. Pessimistic forecast is 130% of investment income.

The residential complex is located in the most pleasant place in Batumi. The price in this area is growing every month, as tourists are very fond of these places, and the influx of foreign capital is growing. Smart investors have already appreciated the benefits of investing in real estate in Georgia.

You can buy an apartment in whole or in parts and receive income from investments in USDT. Several swimming pools are available in the complex. An outdoor swimming pool for residents only and a large park area.

A large gym, equipped with modern fitness equipment, with an area of over 2000 sq.m.

Luxurious lobby of the residential complex with a meeting area and concierge service.

Offices and coworking area for residents and their guests. Work without leaving your favorite complex.

Our complex includes absolutely everything you need for a comfortable life. We are sure you will enjoy living there. And the presence of a nearby beach makes living even more pleasant.

The apartments are sold with an area of 27 sq.m, 55 sq.m, and 140 sq.m. You can buy from 1 sq.m in each apartment for Ethereum. Real Estate + Defi + NFT = Trend 2022. Now you don’t need to invest a large amount of money at once, you can start your journey in low-risk investments with small amounts.

Elite residential complex in Batumi (Georgia) at the excavation stage. Housing delivery is scheduled for Q1, 2024. We provide the opportunity to of buying with cryptocurrency in the form of NFT. We want to create a global project. Then send objects to staking with ARPY 37% (go to the Georgian version of the website (only for residents of Georgia) to buy an apartment for lari). Building permission received.

What do you choose: an investment in ordinary images with little value, which may disappear in a week, or an investment in real real estate, which will never fall in value and will bring you income? The choice is yours.

An example of calculating the return on investment. You bought a 1 sq.m apartment with a total area of 27 sq.m. If you stake this, you will receive 3.25% per month + NFT price increase + total apartment price increase. We estimate that the average annual return will be 330% on average.