Maker and Core Prices Plunge! Surf the Surge with This Trending Meme Coin

June 18th, 2024 at 8:01 am UTC · 3 min read

Maker and Core Prices Plunge! Surf the Surge with This Trending Meme Coin
Photo: Raboo

/Raboo/ – The cryptocurrency market remains neutral despite recent corrections and price drops. Low-priced tokens such as Maker and Core have recently experienced double digit losses. However, ambitious traders looking to supercharge their wallets are looking up to trending meme coins like Raboo to make decent gains.

Raboo ($RABT) is the latest meme token in town. Currently, in Stage 4, its presale has raised over $1.6 million, which is quite remarkable for a brand-new project. Industry experts predict the token will appreciate 233% before the presale ends. That’s why investors are keen on adding it to their portfolio.

Maker Crypto Price Drops Double Digits

MKR is an innovative crypto token designed to provide crypto liquidity in its own unique way. It is the native token of the Maker protocol, which regulates DAI, a top stablecoin that is used extensively in the world of decentralized finance.

Despite having a torrid start to the year, MKR shot to over $4,000 in March. This was followed by several price corrections, which saw the Maker crypto price drop to as low as $2,500. The price then peaked on May 21st to $3,163, but since then Maker has nosedived, currently priced at $2,342, MKR is down 15% over the last 30 days and 3% in the last week.

Market signals along with an increase in trading volume suggests that MKR’s resurgence could be due. Should the trend continue, one can expect the Maker crypto price to recover its losses.

CORE Records Seven Day Losses

Core is a DAO community that is focused on boosting crypto adoption. It offers a multi-chain bridge that facilitates the bi-directional transfer of digital assets amongst top crypto blockchains. And the network’s native token, CORE, after a series of corrections, seemed to be turning the corner, but has resulted in a price slide.

In the last month, CORE plunged 15% hitting the $1.55 mark. This was accompanied by a 8% decline over the last week, causing the price to land at $1.57 as of press time. It’s a noteworthy decline, considering CORE was priced at $2.4 less than a month ago.

Raboo: The King of Trending Meme Coins

Meme coins are all the rage in the bullish crypto market. They have a low entry price and offer decent percentage gains. Since Raboo offers the best of this world, it is seen by many as the king of tending meme coins.

Raboo blends a playful meme culture with SocialFi and artificial intelligence to create a hub of meme coin lovers. Members of this incentivized community earn rewards by participating in its social activities. This includes crypto tokens as well as NFTs generated by Raboo’s proprietary AI technology.

To solidify its status as king of trending meme coins, the Raboo presale has leaped 60% during the presale. Experts predict a 100% appreciation before it ends, and there are talks the gains could hit 233%.


Raboo’s presale is a highly contested event, which makes it a better investment prospect than CORE and MKR. The token is available for $0.0048, with early investors within a gain of 100x or more.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.


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