Streamity Launches Pre-ICO Today for its Decentralized P2P Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 4 min read
Streamity Launches Pre-ICO Today for its Decentralized P2P Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange
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Today the fintech startup Streamity launches its pre-ICO for StreamDesk service, the cryptocurrency-fiat money exchange without intermediaries.

StreamDesk is a decentralised P2P platform that focused on elimination of the major shortcomings in the existing cryptocurrency services. StreamDesk, built with blockchain technology in mind, provides users with the most favorable terms of cryptocurrecy transactions due to high security level and relatively low fees.

At the moment, Streamity works on the deployment of the very unique decentralised Application (DAEP) Exchange Platform named StreamDesk on its Streamity mainnet platform. This article is dedicated to the key features that make the StreamDesk platform relevant to the current needs of the expanding cryptocurrency community.

Designed to Allow High Speed Propagation of Even the Smallest Transactions

A team of brilliant cryptocurrency experts is pulling the efforts to prepare for the ICO of a ground breaking cryptocurrency exchange of the future. Steamity seems to feel the heartbeat of the cryptocurrency sphere and now promises to deliver high-speed transactions with the launch of its brand-new exchange service.

The luring feature of the StreamDesk attracts customers by delivering service to give small donations such as to buy movie tickets or contribute to online games. While on the other cryptocurrency exchanges it’s impossible to send small amount of money because of its high commission, StreamDesk will allow transactions as small as $2 to be sent through its servers at an almost zero fees.

Maximum Security with Smart-Contracts, Easy and Secure Handling of Fiat

StreamDesk was designed to avoid the exchange shutdowns and losses in customer’s deposits occurring in cases of hacker attacks by implementing smart contracts in addition to the numerous verifications and encryption algorithms to secure its transactions.

To buy cryptocurrency with StreamDesk platform a user simply has to provide a sale order that is available on the queue. StreamDesk then locks the transaction in a smart contract until the payment system confirms the remittance of the fiat currency being used for purchasing the altcoins.

There is also a queue that consists of buying orders at hand for the users who want to sell cryptocurrencies. Hence peer-to-peer transactions are fastened as there always would be pending orders to buy and sell respectively awaiting just a response from the users who intend to perform transaction. This makes StreamDesk unique in comparison to most existing exchange platforms.  The emerging time lag between buying and selling is annoyingly big, sometimes it exceeds 12 hours, though some platforms automatically cancel the transaction order if one party does not respond after a given time window.

The Streamity team has perfectly embedded the understanding of the mutual interaction between fiat money and cryptocurrency into the launch of StreamDesk platform. To achieve a mainstream adoption in the market, StreamDesk creates a competitive exchange service that not only enables its users to convert crypto and fiat currencies with low commission, but also securely stores users balance in fiat currencies (Euro and USD for the meantime).

Streamity Token Sale

On January 22, Streamity has successfully started a pre-ICO that will continue until January 28, 2018. The startup stated to attract over $2.8 million through the sale of 20 million tokens. Currently Streamity rewards contributors with 30 percent bonus to its pre-sale token. At the press time, $710 650 has already been raised.

The pre-sale will be followed by an ICO that will run from March 12, 2018, till March 25, 2018. During ICO the project is going to collect 186,000,000 tokens. Upon collection of this number of tokens the ICO will be considered as completed and further issuing of the STMs will be stopped.  The purchased tokens will be distributed proportionally within the amount of investments acquired during the ICO campaign, including additional bonuses and rewards.

According to Streamity, collected funds will go on the project development, precisely, on the launch of an innovative StreamDesk DAEP.

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