Marketing for Cryptocurrencies will Take a Major Leap with CADS

August 27th, 2018 at 4:29 pm UTC · 2 min read

The recent developments that saw major platforms block crypto advertising from their platforms wiped away a great opportunity for the revolutionary blockchain technology and digital currencies to chart their course into the future. CADS, or CryptoAdSolution is a major attempt to reignite the crypto-marketing ecosystem with a complete advertising platform that fills the existing gaps.

CADS is an advertising portal built upon Stratis, smart contracts and masternodes that will open up the entire crypto advertising landscape. The platform comes with its own crypto token, CADS, that is nearing it pre-sale stage with a total supply of 100 million. CADS will be the new coin to buy ready-to-use advertising packages, increase traffic, and receive high quality clicks. In addition to that, it can also be used to generate passive income.

CryptoAdSolution is introducing ready-made advertising packages to simplify marketing in the crypto world. It has also created customized packages that will include use of banners, email lists, SEO and PPC, with ad cycles available round the clock. The packages aim at offering 20% profit, with advertising share and commissions available in CADS.

With a robust advertising marketplace, CryptoAdSolution is creating new ways for advertisers to connect with consumers. A highlight of the platform is the in-built AdExchange to be released in 2020, which will replace the current models used for digital advertising.

The marketplace will also be accessible from mobiles through the CryptoAPPSolution, a smart phone version of CADS to be released in 2019. The app will create ads, traffic and new clients on other apps such as Blockfolio.

Founded by a team of 12 industry experts from the fields of advertising, marketing and technology, CryptoAdSolution was borne out of a love for putting together cryptocurrencies with marketing. The team’s own experiences working at a global marketing platform that has banned crypto-advertising strengthened their resolve to come up with a new solution in the form of CryptoAdSolution.

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