Toy Maker Mattel to Launch Fast & Furious NFT Collection

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Toy Maker Mattel to Launch Fast & Furious NFT Collection
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The new collection is part of Mattel’s Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series and will be based on the Fast & Furious film franchise.

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is set to move at the speed of fast cars, thanks to the decision of iconic toy maker Mattel to launch a new NFT collection. According to Mattel, the new collection is part of its Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series and will be based on the Fast & Furious film franchise. With the launch slated for May 22, the collection will go live around the time of the release of the latest installment of the global blockbuster series.

Without a doubt, Mattel has keen eyes on the NFT market as it has recently been making major moves in the space.

Earlier this month, the firm partnered with OnChain Studios to release Cryptoys – a collection of Star Wars-themed digital collectibles. It also recently launched the Boss Beauties x Barbie collection. Therefore, the Fast & Furious drop is only its latest foray into NFTs.

Mattel Unveils the Fast & Furious Collection

Per Mattel, the Hot Wheels NFT Garage x Fast & Furious collection will live on the NFT-focused blockchain Flow. The collection will feature top cars from the Fast & Furious movies, including the Honda S2000 used by Suki in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Other cars that will feature in the collection are Brian O’Conner’s 1969 Camero and Dominic Toretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger. The toy maker also confirms that the limited edition NFTs will sell for $20 per pack.

Essentially, what the Fast & Furious project hopes to achieve is that holders of the NFTs, who are able to gather an entire set, will have the opportunity to own a physical die-cast version of any of the featured cars. By this, Mattel seeks to bring the digital world closer to the physical realm. The firm wrote partly:

“You’ll need to collect all 19 digital cars to get the lone physical redeemable car in the set.”

It might be worth mentioning that the Flow Blockchain has been quite the home for many successful NFT projects. It plays host to popular NFT collections, including Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot and UFC Strike NFT platform, and NFL All Day.

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