Coronavirus Attack Can Drive Bitcoin Price to $100,000, Says Max Keiser

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Coronavirus Attack Can Drive Bitcoin Price to $100,000, Says Max Keiser
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Max Keiser has said that Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, will come to beg the Federal Reserve for cash. Coronavirus attack is hitting the markets again, every day fear rises. But Keiser believes that Bitcoin price can reach $100,000 already in 2020.

Max Keiser is a well-known cryptocurrency fan, promoting the digital world via his Keiser Report RT show. He has made two bold claims regarding the price of Bitcoin during the last show. According to him, the more people are panicking, the more they are getting to the point where cryptocurrency seems like a helpful solution. Max Keiser believes that $100,000 is a real figure for Bitcoin price in 2020.

He explains that the crisis has started back in 2008, which is one of the primary causes of Bitcoin’s white paper creation at the beginning of 2009. He says that the financial crisis didn’t go anywhere, it was just hiding to strike again when proper conditions occur.

Jamie Dimon Should Love Crypto But Hates Elite

Keiser claims that Bitcoin will become so valuable Jamie Dimon himself will be ‘begging’ for additional FED dollars to buy Bitcoin. More than that, the famous Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff will eventually come to begging for Bitcoin too. Keiser also referred to Jamie Dimon’s recent dream about the coronavirus that is attacking the attendees of the World Economic Forum. JPMorgan Chase CEO wants the virus to kill the elite:

“The only good news from that is that it might have just killed the elite.”

This is a sarcastic move that has a bit of truth and a bit of sadness within. Because, back in 2018, Dimon was on this forum too, and he claimed to the Cointelegraph reporters that he is not hating Bitcoin. More than that, he was also stating that his bank may even create a stablecoin of sorts which will immediately gain the audience. Because – and that’s true – JPMorgan is a very recognizable brand.

Max Keiser claims that Jamie has got the Bitcoin virus during a Davos conference back in 2018. We are not sure if this was correct, but furious Keiser claims that Dimon will look like ‘street urchin’ when claiming the FED money to pour them into the crypto economy:

“Their minds are being hacked by the Bitcoin virus. Soon Jamie will be a blathering idiot on the ground begging the Fed for money to buy Bitcoin. He’s going to turn into a kind of street urchin. Same with Peter Schiff”

Peter Schiff Says Sell Bitcoin, FED Rate Cuts Because of Coronavirus

Peter is famous for his adequate criticism towards Bitcoin and the so-called maximalists. They have been waiting for Schiff for a long time, but he is a tough guy. The crypto bait cannot seduce him:

“If @Bitcoin can’t rally with an emergency 50 basis point rate cut, plus all of the recent stock, bond, currency and gold market volatility, under what circumstances will it rally?”

Some of the crypto people on Twitter have claimed that Peter looks very strange with his love for gold and hate to crypto.

WhalePanda claims that Peter knows about Bitcoin since 2011, still, he has never claimed that it is a good investment. More than that, Schiff even goes to say that Bitcoin proponents are ‘suckers’ who believe in a myth of Bitcoin’s increasing popularity.

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