McDonald’s and Panera Bread File Trademark Applications to Debut into Metaverse

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McDonald’s and Panera Bread File Trademark Applications to Debut into Metaverse
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While McDonald’s filed ten trademark applications to enter the Metaverse, Panera Bread filed one.

Fast-food company McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and bakery company Panera Bread appear to be preparing their debuts into the Metaverse. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben revealed in a tweet that the company had filed ten trademark applications. Gerben, who is also the founder of Gerben Intellectual Property, uploaded a GIF that shows McDonald’s application and also tweeted a picture that reveals the application Panera Bread. The media reveal the filing dates and serial numbers of the trademarks. The American food company applied on the 4th of February, and the serial numbers include 97253767, 97253374, and 97253361. Others are 97253336, 97253308, 97253287, 97253656, 97253198, 97253179, and 97253159.

While McDonald’s filed ten trademark applications to enter the Metaverse, Panera Bread filed one with the serial number 97251535.

McDonald’s trademark application shows that the company intends to offer “a virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods.” The company also plans to operate a virtual restaurant that will feature home delivery. As McDonald’s enters the Metaverse, the company will offer downloadable files containing artwork, audio, video files, texts as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

McDonald’s McCafe was also added to the Metaverse trademark application to provide entertainment. Primarily, the entertainment services will offer online actual concerts, virtual concerts, and more virtual events.

McDonald’s and Panera Bread Set to Enter the Metaverse

Panera Bread also filed trademark registrations for a virtual restaurant under the name “Paneraverse.” Panera Bread based its application on NFTs to aid commercial transactions of virtual foods and beverages. The bakery also seeks computer programs to access the tokens in the Metaverse. In addition to building virtual restaurants, Panera Bread will include delivery features.

The Metaverse is rapidly getting the interest of several brands globally. Although, there have been more goods-selling companies planning to sell in the space. The likes of Adidas Originals, fashion company Prada and clothing retail company Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) have expressed interest in selling their products in the Metaverse. On the other hand, we have seen a slower pace in food companies exploring the technology. This is probably because there are still a lot of unanswered questions on how users will enjoy virtual dining.

“Any trademark registration is limited to the goods and/or services a company has applied for in the past. With the emergence of a new technology, it is common for companies to file new trademarks to ensure protection is clear as it relates to new goods and/or services they plan to offer. That said, from a practical perspective, McDonald’s existing trademarks would prevent someone from opening a McDonald’s in the Metaverse. The new filings they are making are just a ‘best practice’ to ensure they have all the tools available to enforce tier trademarks if becomes necessary.”

McDonald’s stock is currently trading at $260.53, a 0.26% gain over its previous close of $259.86.

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